11 Playstation 2010

11 Playstation 2010

10 Reasons Why Sony Playstation 3 Will Beat Out Xbox by Aaron Brooks

In the techie world the race for supremacy just got hotter with Sony computer Entertainment President Phil Harrison stating, The Playstation 3 is a computer. We do not need a PC." And, the news is that the PS3 has reached for new horizons it is not just a game console. Although many tech gurus are rooting for the Xbox360 here are a few reasons why the PS3 may gain an edge.

According to analyst Shawn Milne, even though Xbox360 will get a head start, the PS3 will outsell the Xbox every year after 2006. Bu 2010 the PS3 will according to predictions have sold 23.3 million copies in the US.

1.The PS3 can be used to see movies, play music, and surf the web.

2.The GPU is powerful and fast. The downside is that it is bound to be hard to program.

3.The memory is 256 MB XRD for the cell and 256 MB DDR3 for the GPU.

4.The PS3 has a dual Ethernet, built in wi-fi, Bluetooth, flash memory slots, and blue ray.

5.The PS3 has hardware that is more powerful than that of the Xbox 360 and will be able to produce real to life visuals.

6.The games in PS3 will be stored on Bluray discs which store 54 gigs while game space in the Xbox360 is just 9 gigs.

7.The PS3 will have international appeal and be popular with both foreign game developers and consumers. According to market whispers games on the PS3 are all set to be exciting and different.

8.The PS3 has immense expandability and connectivity options. The compact flash, SD card, memory stick, Bluetooth, USB you name it and the PS3 will say yes please. Designed to accommodate just about everything in the universe.

9.Visionary the PS3 aims for dual screen and 1080p support. The display technology is an eon ahead of any gizmo man has even dreamed of. Imagery will be synonymous with PS3. Imagine playing games like formula 1 racing and Killzone in panoramic splendor.

10.The HD IP camera peripheral or the EyeToy 2 will transmit crystal clear images over the internet as well as feeds over the Intraweb.

What is more the PS3 is designed to be backwards compatible and so you will be able to play games old and new. The PS3 will allow playing of games on the PS1 and PS2 libraries so, even with the latest console you can boot up old favorites like Tobal or Shattered Soldier are relive old times. According to CBSNews.com Tech Analyst, Larry Magid, The graphics processor in the new Sony PlayStation is pretty impressive. It rendered images during the game that looked almost as if they came from a movie studio."

PS3 is all set to make dreams reality. Imagine Metal Gear, Warhawk, Tekken, i-8, Gran Turismo, Killzone, and Dante among zillion other mind blowing games all coming alive! Whatever the whispers are about the reality will surface when the PS3 is launched and consumers get first hand experience.

Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for http://www.1888freeonlinegames.com , the premier website to play thousands of free online games including arcade games, action games, card games, flash games, strategy games, puzzle games and more. He also freelances for the premier REVENUE SHARING discussion forum site http://www.1888discuss.com

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/10-Reasons-Why-Sony-Playstation-3-Will-Beat-Out-Xbox/138814

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