12 Xbox 360

12 Xbox 360

Here is How to Write Xbox 360 Walkthroughs by Steven Wade

You just spent eighty hours working to defeat your most recent game buys and now you want to share that info with others but have no idea where to begin. Well, this article is here to help you write your Xbox 360 walkthroughs. By following the guidelines of this article you will be able to write many Xbox 360 walkthroughs for all the different games you beat. You can also sell these walkthroughs and make a profit or a good business!

Beginning Your Xbox 360 Walkthroughs

The first step you want to do when writing your Xbox 360 walkthroughs is an outline how the walkthrough is going to go. Start off with an introduction of who you are and why people should trust your walkthrough, then start to outline the different sections of the walkthrough.

The most effective way to break down your Xbox 360 walkthroughs is to have a beginning section to outline game play, the game controls, and on the whole how to get around. You may want to include after this an equipment section if the game you are writing the walkthrough for encompasses this. Take each piece of equipment, talk about how it works and when you get it, where it is best used and so on.

After you have fully described all the different components of the game you are ready to begin getting into your walkthrough. In the initial introduction in the outline for the entire article take each board or section within the game and give it a number. Write this out in logical order from the first board to the last board and make sure to have a section for each one.

Once you have the outline set you are ready to start writing. Turn on your Xbox 360, get out your pen and paper, or laptop, and get ready to start recording. As you go through the board write down anything that is important to completing the section. You do not need to record every single thing about the board, but secret items, power ups, how to defeat sub bosses and such will be useful information. Make sure to record everything in chronological order as much as possible, although some games with multiple paths make this difficult.

Probably the most imperative and most difficult thing to document in your Xbox 360 walkthroughs is how to defeat the end bosses as they are usually very hard. These are usually some of the greatest challenges in video games and if you can accurately record how to beat them you will have some very successful Xbox 360 walkthroughs. Make sure that you descibe exactly where to dodge his blows or where to hit him where it hurts.

That is about it for this article, follows those guidelines in this article and you will have popular Xbox 360 walkthroughs in no time. Hopefully this guide will help you create the best walkthrough you can, with a bit of effort and hardwork you can do it

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