Battery Nintendo Wii

Battery Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Games—Recommended Nintendo Wii Guide

Nintendo Wii is the fastest selling home gaming console in UK history. It achieved one million sales in just 38 weeks. Unsurprisingly several Nintendo Wii Games are hotly recommended by Review Centre users. Read on for some tips on getting the best from your Nintendo Wii as well as recommendations for five of the best value Nintendo Wii Games.

Here's some top tips to Nintendo WII gaming:

Games and Accessories

Always check your new
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Nintendo Wii comes with all accessories and some games. You should get Built-in Wi-Fi access for easy connection to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gaming service. Nintendo Wii Console usually comes with Wii Sports (bowling, boxing, baseball, tennis and golf). Check to see what the best offers are via our comparison guides and see what other games are thrown in.

Wii Remote and the Nunchuk

Major Nintendo Wii components include the wireless Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. The Nunchuk is great as it connects to the Wiimote through a thin cable and has an analog joystick, two buttons, and motion sensors, allowing you to use both hands to control your gaming action. The Wii Remote motion sensors lets you control action with your movements. Your console normally comes with one remote controller but will support up to four controllers.

Memory Card Slot

Your Nintendo will have an
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SD card slot. Try and use it because your Nintendo Wii, although normally provided with 512MB of built-in flash memory, allows you to increase memory space with the use of SD Memory Cards. That means more gaming options and more fun!

Buy Games With Confidence

Build your game library with confidence by following our users' recommendations to the top titles, and reliable online retailers for the best deals. Review Centre is also a great place to visit for tips on Nintendo accessories, cheat sites, game rentals as well as stockists and special offers.

Nintendo Wii Console

- A Nintendo Wii is about 8.5 inches x 6 inches x 2 inches and features a white, compact design. The Nintendo Wii can be displayed vertically or horizontally for any television setup, is backward-compatible to Nintendo GameCube, and has four ports for controllers and two memory card slots. Buy your Nintendo Wii console with confidence. Check our
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user reviews and links to some of the best deals!

Nintendo Wii - Recommended Games

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the
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Olympic Games is one of the most popular video games at Review Centre and the highest recommended Nintendo Wii game, recommended by 100 per cent of users for its superb graphics, addiction level and value for money. Users describe Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games as a brilliant fun multi player game with very realistic graphics which is ideal for the whole family. Nintendo puts the success of its amazingly popular consoles down to the increasing number of unique software titles such as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, which offer classic old fashioned video game entertainment. Innocent titles such as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games are also ideal for bringing old and young together, including new generation gamers and first generation gamers for the first time; as well as entire families new to video games. Realistic graphics and arenas create the sense of being at the Olympic games and there is a great choice of track and field games such as the hammer toss, long jump, javelin throw, swimming, trampoline, fencing, and many, many more! The classic Mario and Sonic characters also add to the fun. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Mario & Sonic Olympic Games is the first time these two Nintendo characters appear together in a single game. Mario & Sonic at the
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Olympic Games features multiplayer options for up to four people. You have the choice of four player types to choose from: all-around, technical, speed, and power; and a choice of different games modes, including Single Match mode, Circuit mode and Mission mode!

EA Sports Active

Like having your own personal trainer in the comfort of your lounge, EA Sports Active can be used in conjunction with the Wii Fit Board to add extra physical benefits. With the Resistance band and leg strap you have a variety of workouts designed to work out both your upper and lower body as well as cardio. Over a 30day challenge the game tracks your progress and taking note of calories and intensity. You can custom build workouts to focus on particular areas to exercise. Our members like the
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variation and the well designed fitness trainer. One member even said "you are having so much fun you don't realize it's helping". 100% recommended by all users with an overall 5 out of 5 stars.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 for the Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular shoot em up games at Review Centre. Fans of the horror-survival-action game on Nintendo Wii have been raving about it. With Wii Remote support, players can aim, fire, and perform all sorts of manoeuvres and avoid oncoming adversaries with intuitive motions and movements. Reviewers say it is a perfect game to make full use of the Nintendo Wii. The Wii remote offers pinpoint accuracy for shooting and other moves. Conversations and monologues can be heard in real time and a behind the camera view is also available to aid intuitive movement. Once you have completed the main mission there are more extra missions and fights to get involved with, with other characters from the
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Resident Evil games series. As well as excellent graphics reviewers describe a very challenging game with plenty of extras and surprises thrown in to keep you on your toes. Resident Evil 4 is 100 per cent recommended from all reviews at Review Centre with a 9.4/10 rating for Addiction Level. The main story follows Leon S. Kennedy, now a Federal agent, sent to rescue the President's daughter in a hidden fortress plagued with deadlier than ever zombies! One reviewer says the Resident Evil 4 story line is so good that someone should make a movie out of it! What do you think? Why not add some comments or write a review?

Boogie for Nintendo Wii

Boogie For Nintendo Wii is a super fun Karaoke game ideal for the whole family and one of the most highly recommended Nintendo Wii games at Review Centre, Boogie For
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Nintendo Wii receives 100 per cent endorsements at Review Centre. The game is specially devised for Wii controls and works with a free peripheral microphone and motion sensors so you can showcase your singing and dancing moves. The singing part of the game involves words on the screen, like a usual karaoke, for you to follow and sing but you earn points for singing in tune and in time. These points are converted into money so you can then buy songs, clothes and different stages to perform on. With a number of cool characters to choose from and a choice of hit songs including ABC by the Jackson 5, Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper and Milkshake by Kelis this is definitely a game to get you in the party mood. Also comes with Boogie editing tricks which help you create your own music video, complete with multiple camera angles and special effects. The range of gaming options is varied too and includes co-op gameplay, head-to-head battles and karaoke party.
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Reviewers say they love this game! Why not click on some individual reviews to find out more?

Wii Sports

Wii Sports is fantastic fun say users at Review Centre. A 100 per cent recommended multi-player game which is suitable for the whole family. The Wii Sports game comprises five sports: bowling, boxing, baseball, tennis and golf. The games use motion sensor capabilities allowing you to control the actions of the on-screen characters, making it a very lifelike experience. You move the remote in a similar manner to how the separate games are played in real life. For example you hold and swing the Wii Remote like a golf club or baseball bat! Each Nintendo Wii Sports game features standard play mode, training mode and multiple player modes. Wii Sports also has a single player or two player mode, although some games allow up to four players. Other
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features include the Miis who appear in crowd scenes during tennis and boxing games; and as bowlers during bowling games. Miis created on one Wii can be transferred onto the internal memory of a Wii Remote to use on another Wii. All reviewers at Review Centre are in agreement that Wii Sports is a fantastic fun game. One fan of the game says, if anything, people get too into it because it is so much fun! Users say the feeling of being really involved in the sports is great and it is quite physical play too with lots of twisting and turning which gets you really involved! What's your favourite Nintendo Wii game? Why not write a review?

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