Black Wii 91

Black Wii 91

Wii Homebreware †Does it Really Work? Yes! by Michael Landonson Price

So what is Homebreware? Homebreware is a software program for the Nintendo Wii. It allows you to backup and import Nintendo Wii video games.

In my opinion Homebreware is the future of gaming. Homebreware allows you to do things that were previously only available to do with mod chips. The problems with mod chips is that they void your warranty and you run a high risk of getting a mod chip that doesn’t work or permanently ruins your gaming console.

The other thing about mod chips is that they are often times overpriced and they don’t provide you with the 2000 free games that Homebreware does.

I say Homebreware is the future of gaming because they provide what console manufacturers don’t. Homebreware is a revolution! Before dvd player manufacturers allowed their players to play burned dvd’s, customers were finding and using mod chips they purchased on the black market. Eventually one dvd player manufacturer wised up and input a feature to allow their player to play burned dvds. Other competitors were then forced to supply their dvd players with the same feature to keep up with the market.

This is supply and demand at its finest. As consumers, we own the marketplace. We tell businesses what we want based on how we spend our money.

It is beyond me, why video game manufacturers have still not allowed burned video games to be played on their systems.

They’ve left it up to revolutionaries like Homebreware to do that I guess. Eventually, I’m sure the big name video game console companies will wise up like the dvd player industry did and steal the idea from companies like Homebreware. That’s really not fair and I hope Homebreware gets the credit they deserve.

Being able to play burned and backup copies of video games is great. I like it because I’m so careless with my games and I scratch them up like I scratch up dvd’s and cd’s. Since hombreware allows me to play burned games, I don’t have to worry about scratching games anymore because I have back ups.

It’s really cool to know that my $50 game is protected and can be backed up for safe keeping.

The other thing I like about Homebreware is that they have a really easy to follow program that shows you how to use their program.

Their program works exactly the same way cell phone unlocking programs work. And it works just as fast. It only took me 20 minutes to get my Wii unlocked.

If you’re still confused by this, search for cell phone unlocking programs. There was actually a press release in Yahoo News recently that talked about cell phone and electronic unlocking programs and iPhones. Homebreware works the same way.

They also have a video on their site, showing them going through the process of playing a burned copy of Super Mario Galaxy. It’s all done in real-time on a home camcorder. This was cool to see, because it gave me the feeling that there program was real and really worked.

They also have testimonials on their site from other satisfied Homebreware users.

I’ve recommended Homebreware to everyone I know who has a Wii, and I’d like to recommend it to you as well. It’s great and was worth every penny.

Michael Price reviews video game software and apps. His latest review is homebreware. He dispels myths about the homebreware scam.

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