Brand Microsoft Xbox

Brand Microsoft Xbox

Five Short Tips For Keeping Your Xbox 360 Cool by Marc Sandford..

To get ahead of the competition, Microsoft rushed the production of it's Xbox 360 product too quickly. The result of this haste is that it has a failure rate of over 30 percent. This device lacks robustness due to it's many built in 'bugs'.

Its cooling system is inadequate and barely keeps up with the heat output of it's circuitry. If the cooling system fails to work properly, the heat interacts with it's design flaws which brings about the red ring of death. Not allowing your Xbox to overheat is imperative if you wish to avoid the ring of death.

This article presents different methods of preventing your Xbox 360 from overheating.

1.) While you may not intentionally block the ventilation openings, there are other ways of effectively doing the same thing. These involve placing the Xbox on soft shaggy surfaces which act to block air currents.

2.) Make sure that the Xbox is in an area with plenty of ventilation. What this means is that the Xbox should be kept out of confined or closed in spaces, such as bookcases, stereo cabinets and racks. It makes little sense to make a big effort at keeping the cooling ports open while placing the Xbox in a cabinet. This type of mistake is very common since we tend to place things neatly together in order to save space.

3.) Try placing your Xbox on it's side which exposes more of it's surface area to the surrounding air. You could also point a small fan at your console.

4.) Avoid areas next to sources of heat such as furnaces, radiators, heater vents, stoves and other heat generating electronics. Additionally, make sure not to expose your Xbox to direct sunlight.

5.) In addition to keeping the Xbox cool, we can't overlook the cooling requirements of the power adapter or power brick. We all have a natural tendency to place the power adapter on the floor without a second thought. But if it is on a heavy carpet, the free flow of air will be obstructed. Keep the power adapter cool by moving it up off the floor onto a level and solid surface with plenty of exposure to the air.

The above suggestions are preventative measures for your Xbox when it is brand new if you wish to avoid heating problems in the future. However, if you've experienced the ring of death for the first time, you still want to give them a try. Hopefully the heat build up caused the Xbox to shut down before serious damage could occur.

Marc Sandford is a gaming addict and writer. Get more Xbox troubleshooting information about fixing the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error.

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