Brand Wii 2010

Brand Wii 2010

Elmhurst used car dealerships hoping 3D iPad baseball game is a home run by Bart Perry

Remember those commercials from the 1970s? Okay, most of you probably aren’t that old. I was just a toddler myself, but the catchy tune and lyrics of â€Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet†have stuck with my as a childhood staple and an American tradition.
Enough with the nostalgia. Chevrolet is now enlarging its investment in the baseball marketing arena; or should I say stadium? Elmhurst used car customers will soon be seeing a 3D simulation game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The game is dubbed â€Chevy Baseball†and was designed by Small Planet Digital of Brooklyn, N.Y. The game also offers players a chance to win a trip to the 2010 All Star game.
Using Apple’s built-in accelerometer technology, the game is similar to a Wii experience and players can compete in three-inning or nine-inning games, mini games or use tutorials. Within the gaming, Chevy has slipped in a bit of an infomercial. Chevy Dugout features Chevy models such as Camaro and Equinox, in a sleek game-like format no doubt. It also has the sign-up for the All Star game contest.
Now that’s some slick marketing, and probably fun enough and subtle enough that the viewers love it! Players also can share this with friends by sending virtual postcards and can track their progress with leader boards and awards.
Dealers have made Elmhurst used car prices very competitive. Perhaps that’s because Chevy loves to be in the middle of the competition. It is, after all, sponsoring this year’s All Star game in Anaheim, California on July 13. Chevy won’t miss a chance to show off its vehicle line there either. Chevy models will be featured in a parade and on display.
Chevrolet isn’t stopping at baseball for its advertising platform. It is also the automotive sponsor of the SXSW music, film and interactive festival for the next three years and will continue to provide the official vehicle for the FLW Outdoors pro angling events.
When shopping for Elmhurst used cars, buyers should keep in mind all the amazing Chevy models available. Aside from the newer and revamped models like Equinox, Traverse and Malibu, the classics are still available as well.
GM also will be releasing the Volt this year; an electric model which they hope will compete with other auto makers’ electrics. And even though it may take a year or two for electric model prices to come down, Elmhurst used car prices are always affordable and the selection is made up of many models and styles.
So next time you attend a baseball game, eat a hotdog and remember that Chevy is the all-American brand.

Bart Perry is a freelance writer and car enthusiast. His articles include information on Elmhurst used car dealers for customers comparing Elmhurst used car prices.

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