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Brand Wii Game

Why United Kingdom's Department of Health want to endorse Wii Fit Plus by Anila Maben

The latest buzz ruling the gaming world is the new announcement by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health. The U.K health department announced to endorse Nintendo Wii Fit Plus.

Video games though provide thrill and excitement are a big threat to the future of a country that is children. It has been observed that most of the kids spend time in front of the TV playing video games and munching junk food. This has ill effects on their health and they gradually start keeping bad health. They also start living in their own world of video games and stay cut off from the world around them.

An addition to the Wii Console is the Wii Fit Plus which makes exercise a fun filled routine. Depending on your body structure and needs Wii fit plus helps you program your exercises. It includes balance and strength training activities, yoga and aerobics. You can work out and also see the calories burnt out.

This helps you judge how good is your exercise regime for you or if it needs any changes. You can plan all your exercises in intervals of 5 minutes upto one hour. The game motivates the child to exercise. It is quite possible that the endorsement of Wii Fit Plus by the health department UK, will allow it to use the logo of "Change4Life" brand. This will make it an authorized healthy game. Video games have been criticized by the health concerned.

However Wii Fit Plus makes it clear that gaming can be in different forms. It can be learning, enjoying and exercising experience all at the same time.
Nintendo is a big name in the gaming industry and the introduction of the Wii Fit Plus shows its concerns to the health of the people also.

Anila maben is a gadgets and technology expert and writes about the latest mobiles, gadgets and technology in the market. For more information see here - Wii Console and Wii Fit Plus

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