Brand Wii Video

Brand Wii Video

PlayStation 3 vs. WII vs. XBOX 360 - China Wholesaler TradingMic Will Give You More Details by tradingmic

Recent years, video games have been greatly developed. Especially the three major video game consoles manufacturers: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. They are giving their best to walk in the front line of the trend. Now, TradingMic's experts ( ) will give you carefully parse about the seventh generation of video game consoles. So, let's go to the details straight away. [ps3 and xbox 360 and wii] PlayStation 3 - Blu-ray Disc, PlayStation Network

The PlayStation 3, namely PS3, as part of PlayStation series with PlayStation 2, released by Sony on November 11, 2006 in Japan. PlayStation 3 features a variety of entertainment except for games, providing a fantastic living room experience.

PlayStation 3 adopts the Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium. And the major selling point is not to provide a home multimedia consoles, but lead the game players into the high quality audio and video and Blu-ray Disc era. Main features of the game console include its unified online gaming service, that is the PlayStation Network. Its powerful multimedia capabilities can be comparable with PSP ( PlayStation Portable ).
[PlayStation 3 Gold Bluetooth Controller]

According to DigiTimes reports, Sony production partners, the giant in the consumer electronics, will start production of next-generation video game consoles - PlayStation4, which is expected to launch the product in 2012. The introduction of PlayStation4 is limited at present, but the report pointed out that the new game console will be based on an integrated campaign similar to Microsoft's controllers. However, according to reports the electronic age, Sony PlayStation4 also expected to launch in 2013 to 2014. Meanwhile, Nintendo's Wii U will be launched next year, Microsoft's next-generation Xbox plans to be released in 2012.

WII - Wireless Controller, Most Popular For Female

Wii video game consoles released by Nintendo in 2006, which broke the record for best-selling console in a single month in the United States. Besides, Wii console is at the top sales in the hardware sales list for six weeks in 2011.

As a new generation of video game, wii is a Breakthrough in Video Game field. A distinguishing feature of the console is its Wii Remote, the wireless controller, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions. Beyond that, its Wi-Fi connection enables the Internet access to come true, so that you can receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode. Something that need to mention is that it overturns the the past handle operation way, and let the player easy to operate. Some games even requires you to have a corresponding action. It has to say that the attractive for game players, especially female players.

Recently, the U.S. president of Nintendo said that the Wii U will be launched on 1 April in the next year. Of course, people hope it's not April Fool's Day joke. Wii U is a brand new controller, it comes with 6.2 inches touch screen, built-in gyroscope. Wii U supports 5 players with its own screen. But there must be sufficient resolution and large screen TV.

On the side, Wii U will not make Wii become history, the two will be sold at the same time period. And as for the killer application what Wii U will be coordinated, it remains to be seen.

XBOX 360 - Xbox Live, New Slim Design

Xbox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft and the successor to the Xbox. The day before yesterday, the U.S. authority statistical agencies NDP released the latest data in June this year, which shows that Xbox 360 has become the nation's best-selling and most popular game console.


Xbox 360 host features wifi that allows you to connect to Xbox LIVE entertainment world easily, which designed for non-controller Kinect experience, and control the the protagonist in the game by your own. Xbox LIVE is your entertainment world. Players can download arcade games or game additional features, such as new levels, characters, maps, TV shows, movies and songs etc. Xbox 360 has Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities. In addition, game players can access online multiplayer mode to play against with the global players, or contact with friends on Facebook, at the same time, post news on Twitter. All in all, Xbox LIVE is the source of a variety of games, entertainment and fun.

A few days ago, there are news about xbox 360 will be embedded into the window 8 platform. For Microsoft, it is a significant shift to produce a super operating system that integrates PC, mobile phone, tablet PC with XBOX game console. Let alone, the change will greatly increase the connectivity between Microsoft products.

By the end, if you want to say which game host is the king consoles of this generation. TradingMic's experts will recommend Xbox 360. Although Xbox 360 lacks of Blu-ray disc, and has a similar amount with the PlayStation 3 game. But Microsoft's Kinect are stronger than the PlayStation Move both in the availability and multiplayer games. Furthermore, Xbox Live works well all the time, allowing the player to enjoy the fun of online games. The PlayStation Network is still closed due to last month's security vulnerabilities, which reveal the user's personal information.

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