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Brand Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Gears Of War 2 Review by Rick Lee

Guy cocker essentially takes on the horde of Locusts in Gears of War 2, an exclusive first person futurist game only available on the Xbox 360. The best things about the new game are that the game has been designed with a brand new look, taking the entire gaming experience to a different level.

There are newer and better weapons to deal with along with grenades of more power. There are excellent melee attacks planned and the video game has just turned the visual effects up side down.

You can relish with your friends, the Gears Of War 2, which has now been released with an attractive multiplayer modes. Additionally coming up to be dealt with is the problem of dropped support from dealers and independents.

However, among the old things that this game has retained are the exciting Gears actions that are a trademark of the Gears of War series and especially loved by all alike.

The prototype Gears of War is considered to be in the action genre of classic games filled with extraordinary graphics. Its cinematic presentation along with a challenging cover system create a breathtaking effect.

Part of the original series introduces a variety of innovative weapons to deal with new enemies.

When you run into stronger unfamiliar enemies, you realize the need for more powerful weapons. The previous version contained very different environments from these new ones used now.

The fight experience remains the same. The new game is much more interesting and mind blowing when compared to the old game.

In Gears of War 2, the campaign mode is roughly 10 hrs long and is extremely entertaining. You will not be able to leave without losing or a game over.

The design has been well planned which introduces brilliant epic confrontations along with the stop-and-play gunplay sequences. In addition, a lot of ingeniously contrived situations are included for your enjoyment.

The future promises the best yet. The Gears of War 2 series has this multiplayer layer which has all the important upgrades required. Ten maps and modes have been added so that as many as ten people may play at the same time.

Ten players is an improvement compared to the eight players that the earlier version used. Hence this series will help you play with your friends and act as a team to ground the Horde.

The fact that this game has been around for so long can be attributed to the ease of finding multiplayer friends, leading it to be a high selling console video game with more than a million copies sold.

Gears of War 2 fine-tunes the action rather than making new changes, and herein resides the key to its success. It is the most worthy game for any fan's collection and is the best of all games available for Xbox 360.

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