Built Nintendo Wii

Built Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Hardware Specs In Easy To Understand Language by Karin Manning

Designed to match the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, two of the giants in the video game industry, the Nintendo Wii was designed with state of the art hardware.

It is known in the first place for its revolutionary design and wonderful features that are highly capable of lifting your video game experience to a much higher level.

But, what basically makes the Wii so powerful lies on what is built on its hardware. It is for this reason basically that in almost every site designed for Nintendo, Nintendo Wii hardware specs are often highlighted.

The Nintendo Wii hardware specs generally include precise details about the Nintendo Wii hardware. If you are the type who wants to know everything technical, then consider the following:

The Wii hardware specs often highlight information about its loading slot. Well, this part is placed in the front of the unit and is capable of receiving 12 centimeters of optical discs, as well as 8 centimeters of discs from the older consoled of the Nintendo itself.

Speaking of console, the Wii video game console features two USB ports, and a single SC card slot. There are also some Wii consoles that highlight a number of DVD-Video capabilities. This feature is common for the Wiis released in Japan and the units which will be released early in 2007.

Going beyond the console, most of the Nintendo Wii hardware specs often feature what's inside the Wii remote. Accordingly, the remote is designed with accelerometers, as well as an infrared detection that works significantly to allow the remote to work even in a three dimensional space.

What this means basically is that the Nintendo Wii remote allows the gamers to play the games even with the use of certain hand gestures as well as with the use of the remote buttons. But for this to work functionally, the remote of the Wii must be attached with the console through Bluetooth technology.

Much to that, the Wii sensor bar features are often included in the Nintendo Wii hardware specs. It is described as a tool positioned in a way the Wii remote is designed. The sensor bar can be used as a pointing device which functions even at the distance of about five meters. It is important to note, however, that the sensor bar of the Nintendo Wii is sensitive to sunlight and halogen lights, and once it captures the light, its functions vary.

The other information included in the Nintendo Wii hardware specs are the units 512 MB built-in flash memory, the controller's four slots, and the Wii CPU which boasts a processor named as Broadway.

Note that all of those above mentioned details included in the Nintendo Wii hardware specs are highly capable of making your video game experience ultimate.

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