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Cable Xbox

new High Quality Hdmi Av Cable For Xbox 360

The HDMI AV cable can let you connect quickly and easily to your Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 HDMI Cable provides gamers with separate audio and video connections via the included Audio Adapter. The Audio Adapter allows HDMI video to be routed to the HDTV with the audio routed SEPARATELY to the home speaker system. Without the Audio Adapter the video and audio signals are both carried by the HDMI cable. This means users without an HDMI receiver (new/costly) must listen to their Xbox 360 game and movie audio via their TV speakers. With this Xbox 360 HDMI AV Cable, you can listen to your Xbox 360 gaming and movie audio through your home entertainment system speakers.


* The wire for both digital audio and video

* Experience high-definition games at up to 1080p resolution

* Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound output

* Optical/RCA Audio adapter included for non-HDMI supported stereo systems

* About more than 6 foot (2 meter) long shielded cable

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