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Natal Xbox 360 Games by Josh Miller

The Natal Xbox 360 Games are going to be a lot better than the Wii weeble type games that our currently out there in the marketplace. I know that I have lost interest in the Wii system due to the lack of good graphical games. Just by looking at the demo Natal Xbox 360 Games it looks like they are going to be way ahead of the Wii games as far as graphics are concerned. I particularly like the demo Natal Xbox 360 Game with the young boy karate kicking a character in the video game.
By looking at his movements and the movements of the character in the Natal Xbox 360 game it looks like a very interactive game that is responding well with the movements of the boy. If the video game is really reacting as it appears and not rigged to look that way for demo purposes then the Natal Xbox 360 Sensor Camera is going to work. There is also another Natal Xbox 360 game that has a girl sitting on the couch with her family and she is driving a race car. In this scene the girl pulls into the pit stop and the dad jumps up and starts to change her tires for her. He appears on the screen as the one of the members of the pit crew. This Natal Xbox 360 Game seems like it will be a lot of fun to play.

Fighters Uncaged is an unique and gritty tournament style fighting game exclusive for Xbox 360 that delivers 100% controller-free action via the body mapping and motion capture capabilities of Microsoft Kinect*. The game features 70 real martial arts move -- including punches, kicks, defensive actions and more -- that the player instantly triggers in-game against opponents by performing the actual move in front of the Kinect sensor. Additional features include intense combo possibilities, special voice activated moves, over-the-top opponents and multiplayer support, including co-op and online leaderboard functionality on Xbox LIVE.

The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is an exercise simulation game for Xbox 360, based on the popular The Biggest Loser television series. Utilizing seamless physical player movements only possible with Kinect for Xbox 360, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is designed to evolve along with the player's exercise routine. Featuring the cast and trainers from the TV show, the game's 125+ exercises, 2-4 player support via Xbox LIVE, new challenges, customization and more the game provides a fun and healthy exercise outlet suitable for every member of the family, regardless of their weight, physical ability or age.

All in all from what I can see from the demo video that the Xbox folks have released to the public this motion sensor camera or no controller device is going to be a big winner with the gamer community. The new games will probably be really basic at first which will get everyone interested in the device. My take is if they can come out with this Natal Xbox 360 sensor camera and have it work with games such as Halo or Call of Duty which are very graphic intense driven games then this would mean lights out to competition.

For more information about Natal Xbox Kinect Games visit this link.

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