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About Modded Xbox 360 Controllers and Mod Kits by ella

Modded Xbox 360 Controller?

Modded controller, fast fire controller, turbo mod; There are many names for these unique controllers that essentially enable you to convert a single-fire weapon in your preferred first person shooter sport into an automatic weapon. There are some differing types of modded controllers so let's consider a take a look at them first. In the subsequent paragraphs we'll inform you the way you can get your hands on them and in what situations and types of video games you are able to use these "rapid fire controllers".

Types of Fast Fire Controller Mods

There are two main types or kinds of rapidfire controllers: the button design mod and set off (stealth) mods. Each are great mods and each offer certain advantages during gameplay.

Fast Fire Button Mods

The first style of mod that we're going to talk about are button style mods. Basically, the term "button", refers to the buttons around the back of the modded controller that control the fast fire function of the controller. Some button mods require you to hold down the button while holding down the set off on your controller to enable the mod. These types of mods are thought to be inferior to other kinds of controller mods since you always have to maintain down the button for that rapidfire to work.

The other kind of button mod is known as a trigger button mod. Basically, this kind of controller permits you to use the buttons to flip on the mod itself, in addition to change modes. For this kind of mod, all that's needed is a easy button press to turn the rapid fire on or off. These mods are fantastic for those that require fast on/off operation of their mod for situations like switching to a sniper rifle inside a game, in which case you do not want the mod on or else your shots will probably be inaccurate.

That is pretty much it for that "button" style mods. Now lets consider a look at their sleeker, much more stealth brother: trigger rapid fire mods.

Trigger Rapid Fire Controller Mods

Trigger mods allow a rapid fire modded controller to have all of the same performance as a button mod, other than there aren't any external buttons. These types of modded controllers can be activated in lots of ways. Most good modded controllers use the existing sync button around the top of the controller. You might be asking yourself, "On the sync button? How does that work? Will not the controller sync whenever you activate the mod?" Not exactly. These controllers need you to "tap", not maintain, the sync button to flip on the mod and change modes. Attempt it your self: go choose up your Xbox 360 controller, flip it on and faucet the sync button. Nothing occurs. That is what's amazing about these types of rapid fire controllers, you are able to change modes that quick.

In What Kinds of Games are Modded Controllers Useful?

When many people think about modded controllers or fast fire controller mods, they consider Call of Duty video games like Globe at War or Contemporary Warfare 2. Most first-person shooter games, such as the Call of Duty sequence, have in-game weapons which are not automatic but are single fire only. This is where the mod controller arrives in. These controllers will change these boring single-fire weapons into full blown automated weapons with rapid fire!

For instance, the M1A1 Carbine in COD:Globe at War or even the FAL in COD:Modern Warfare 2. Before, you needed to manually press down the proper trigger on your controller and also the in-game weapon would fire only once per correct trigger pull. With most high quality controllers, you are able to hold down the set off and your gun will fire like an automatic.

You are able to also find modded Xbox 360 controllers helpful in other fps games like Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV, Gears of War 2, along with a ton of other people.

As you can envision, the controller mods described in this article can result in an enormous benefit when enjoying the sport. They also make those dull single-fire weapons into some thing new, something much more enjoyable!

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