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8 Xbox 360 scary games that will scare you to death by Marina Janakievska

No matter how contradictory it sounds, people simply love to do scary things, love to play scary games or watch scary movies. If you are in this group of people and you think that you are brave enough to face with every kind of scary, try these scary games but be prepared, maybe it will be better to play them with the lights on! What follows is a list of 8 best scary games for Xbox 360 ever. Some of them are brand new, but some of them are true classics. Enjoy being scared!

1. If you like scary movies, you have probably seen all the parts of the movie â€Sawâ€. Well the video game â€The Saw†is a game that will give you the same feeling of being scared - actually the scary has similar sensibility in it. The atmosphere of the game is creepy - you are fighting for your life, solving terrifying puzzles and death-traps while the time is ticking awayâ€

2. â€Dead rising†is a game where you confront with scary zombies but also you run into human survivors who are scary as hell! You will fight with all kinds of perverts like escaped convicts, a psycho cop, a deranged clown, a crazy cultâ€

3. In â€Left 4 Dead†the player fights again with zombies or precisely hundreds of zombies, but they are not the scariest thing. The scariest thing in the game is the sound †you hear the zombies moaning and groaning in the city around you, you hear footsteps of zombies that are coming to kill you, you hear a Witch cryingâ€

4. â€Fear 2†is for people that love psychological horrors. Thing is that here can be heard horrible sounds, can be seen horrible hallucinations and you never know whether they are true or not. The first experience with this game can be particularly scary.

5. If you are prepared for taking risks with totally unpredictable situations, take â€Dead Spaceâ€. It’s about really well done horror where you simply can’t predict what is coming next, which makes it really scary. After a while you can figure out the pattern of the game but it continues to be interesting, passing into solid, bloody, gruesome shooter.

6. â€BioShock†works on many levels. Everything is set in believable circumstances, the graphics are amazing, the environment is really creepy and the same runs for the enemies that you kill during the game. It gives amazing experience of gaming.

7. There was a nuclear war and the surviving is very difficult because the supplies of food and water are really low. But you are not the only one who is looking for them †there are all sorts of nastiness looking for the same thing. You should face with incredible monsters and raiders, giant insects and zombies.

8. Maybe â€Resident Evil 5†is not too much scary for the ones that have played the previous parts but generally all the parts are synonym for what the term â€scary games†means. In this part you face with dodging alligators in a swamp, spiders pouring from the floors, and dozens of enemies all closing in on you and trying to kill youâ€

Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.When you have free time relaxing with playing scary games

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