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Complete Wii

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Nintendo's latest video game console, the Nintendo Wii, is one of its best creations yet. With the ability to play both Wii and Gamecube games, along with the Wii games download feature, a person will have no trouble finding a game he or she wants to play with the Wii. Look at almost any Nintendo Wii review, and it will tell you some of the best things about the Wii.

While games specifically for the Wii may be slightly lacking, with certain exceptions, the Wii's Virtual Console feature more than makes up for its lack of primary games. The Nintendo Wii is recommended for anyone who loves to play Nintendo games because of its ability to play many games made by Nintendo.

One of the Nintendo Wii's best features is its backwards compatibility with Nintendo Gamecube games. The Wii has slots for both Gamecube memory cards and controllers on the top of the console. The Wii goes into a "Gamecube mode" when playing Gamecube games, which means that the Wii essentially becomes a Nintendo Gamecube. This is what allows the console to play Gamecube games without any trouble.

Another one of the greatest features that the Nintendo Wii has is the Virtual Console. The Virtual Console is a massive emulator designed to play old games on the Wii. A person simply goes onto the Wii Shop channel and buys a game with a currency known as Wii Points. One hundred Wii Points is equivalent to one dollar, and most games cost between three hundred and a thousand Wii Points, or between three and ten dollars. This is a great deal for some of the more classic games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64.

By giving the Wii both backwards compatibility and the Virtual Console, Nintendo has taken a giant leap forward into the future of gaming. Many old games are extremely popular, and being able to play them on a new console makes the Wii a great choice for anybody who loves to play classic Nintendo games. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the Wii is simply a console that plays old games, it is not. Many games made specifically for the Wii are more advanced than before and are great fun. Anybody who calls him- or herself a Nintendo fan would do extremely well with the Nintendo Wii because of its ability to play Nintendo games from the past.

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