Console Wii Sports

Console Wii Sports

To Bundle or Unbundle Nintendo Wii Sports by Rebecca Winner

The Nintendo Wii has grown increasingly more popular since its launch December of 2006. Will was first conceptualized at the prestigous E3 press conference in 2004. Than it was finally given a sneak peak at the 2005 E3. At that time Satoru Iwata showed a prototype of the controller at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005.

November 2006 saw Wii Sports bundle introduced to the USA. Nintendo Wii sports bundle became a run away favorite. From juniors to seniors all are praising the name of Wii. The Nintendo Wii Sports Bundle is the cool present to be giving your loved ones. Nintendo Wii won the Best Hardware and Best of Show Awards from the Game Critics Awards at the 2006 E3. Even after all this time if you pick up any reputable gaming magazine it is singing the praises of Wii as a major game console breakthrough. What other game can claim to have won an Emmy? Will won the award given out by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for Game Controller Innovation.

Why Is Wii So Popular? The question that begs to be answered is: Why is Wii so popular? What does Wii have that PS3 and XBOX360 can't simply surpass its fan base?

It begins with our media mavens complaining about how our kids are getting fatter and rounder sitting at the computer chatting or playing video games. In a moment of genius, Nintendo came up with its revolutionary gaming console that is now Wii. So in addition to unwitting addressing the dilemma of our kids being couch potatoes, Nintendo Wii provided interactive gaming that allows the player to feel like he or she is in the game.

The Nintendo Wii Sports Bundle is the main motivating factor for the rise of this phenomenon. When you purchase the Wii console it comes with 5 cool sports games. The neat thing is that you can really express yourself when you play with the Wii console.

Unfortunately we've been seeing some analysts propose that the Nintendo Wii Sports be unbundled. Why you may ask? Well their line of reasoning revolves around the suggestion that if you break the Nintendo Wii sports bundle the price of the console itself which is currently $249 can be lowered to $199 to make it "more affordable". In addition the analyst is insinuating that the Nintendo Wii Sports bundle sales are heading for a decline and that if it is unbundled then it should grow strong again by 2009.

First of all Wii's popularity is due to the fact that it is being sold as a bundle. Second, how can the Nintendo Wii Sports Bundle be heading into decline when, even as we speak, Nintendo is scrambling to fill in all the orders. The demand is exceeding the available supply albeit the 1.8 million consoles Nintendo is shelling out a month.

Finally, Nintendo Wii Sports bundle is not just popular with the kids, grandma loves her Wii also. Wii fans are saying that after their purchase they just don't find the need to buy any other games. So why change a popular game when people are perfectly happy with the Nintendo Wii sports Bundle just as it is?

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