Controller Charger Wii

Controller Charger Wii

My Top Wii Accessories; Once You Go Wii You Wont Go Wack by Kristi Ambrose

If your going to own any gaming console I think it's important to completely immerse yourself in the gaming experience and buy whatever implements necessary. For the original Nintendo it was the gun for duck hunt, for Xbox it was the Live option so you could play online against other people, and for the Wii it's those little extra accessories that really make the difference. Now if you really want to you can use the plain old boring controller that you can get just about anywhere, and you can sit on your plain old boring couch, or if you really want to experience what Nintendo wanted you to experience you will check out some of the really cool accessories they have available to the consumers. Most of these "paddles" and remotes cost anywhere from $20+ depending on where you go. If you are like me, you go to eBay and Amazon for this stuff and get a remote that was originally $40 for $12! So just be on the lookout for prices because what you see isn't always what you have to pay!

Fit Balance Board -
The active-play phenomenon started by Wii Sports now spreads to your whole body thanks to Wii Fit and the pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board, which comes bundled with it. Used together players will experience an extensive array of fun, dynamic and surprisingly challenging activities, including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and balance oriented games. The focus of these activities is towards providing a "core" workout, a popular exercise method that emphasizes slower, controlled motions, but it's the fun approach to fitness of Wii Fit that will keep players hooked on fitness for years to come. You can do all kinds of awesome stuff on this board so seriously check it out!

Boxing Glove -
Boxing Gloves for Nintendo enhances game play for any Nintendo Wii boxing game. Padded Boxing Gloves lets you punch away like a real boxer. Gloves also prevents your Wii Remote or Nunchuk for slipping from your hands. Wrist strap provides adjustability for big or small hands. Boxing Gloves are easy to use - simply insert your Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuk in to each of the Boxing Gloves and punch away!

Travel bag Carrying Case -
Carry your Nintendo Wii and its accessories with this Contemporary Travel Case. Case carries and stores your Wii console, the AC adapter and additional accessories. Front pocket holds your controllers. Bottom opening lets you hook up and play games without removing the console from case. Adjustable strap lets you carry everything on your shoulder.

Charging Cradle -
Charge 'N Play lets you conveniently recharge your Nintendo Wii Remote Controller. Charge 'N Play kit includes rechargeable batteries that integrates into the battery cover door of the Remote Controller. There is no need to take out the batteries any more to replace or recharge batteries - simply place the Nintendo Wii Remote Controller into the cradle to charge. Cradle can charge the Remote Controller either from a wallet outlet or from a USB port on the Nintendo Wii console. Cradle can charge the battery pack without the Remote Controller if you choose to do so. Cradle has interlocking design so you can put multiple units together.

Shredmaster Wireless Guitar Controller -
This "axe" is fully compatible with Guitar Hero and Wiimote with no additional batteries required. The responsive whammy bar and sturdy strum bar plus the full-size and mini sized frets will seriously make you forget this is a "fake" guitar, heck it even comes along with a built in analog stick and a bonus guitar strap. What else could you ask for you Guitar Hero you!

Personally my favorite "toy" is the boxing gloves because I absolutely love my boxing game which is why I absolutely had to buy it! The rest of these are all really nice extras to get for your own Wii, especially the charger. Everyone knows how much it sucks when your playing a game and you run out of juice but you don't have any new batteries available! Well this completely fixes your problem!

This author is a HUGE fan of used Nintendo Wii

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