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Choose Various Types of Headphones by Siddhartha

Headphones are one of the most used devices among today’s generation. It not only helps you get better clarity in crowded places but also helps you from disturbing other people. The market is full of interesting designs made to suit different uses. They come in a lot of different sizes and some are even custom made to fit the user. While some of them have a wire, some recent headphone have gone wireless too.

Earcup Headphones

These headphones rest outside the ear and this is the design that headphones originated in. Within this type, there are two types, one with a grill that allows sound waves to move out freely, also allowing sound from the exterior into the ear. The sounds from the headphones can be heard by others in this type. When the cup is sealed, the sound from the exterior cannot be heard and the people close to you cannot hear you either. The second kind can lead to distortion due to resonance. These are not very portable and the large ones with ear pads are usually used in recording studios. These are preferred for gaming.


This kind of headphone is placed in the ear canal. They are usually preferred as they are convenient to carry round but have a risk of hearing loss on long term use. They are not completely capable of isolating the user from outside sounds. These are generally used for portable music devices. If you want an inexpensive headphone and don’t require high quality sound, this should be your choice. With these, a single size can fit all users.

In-ear headphones

These are also called as canal phones as they get right into ear canal. These have the advantage of being portable like the ear plugs and the ability to isolate you from exterior noises. They are inexpensive but provide good quality sound. To make one size fit all, the plugs are made of silicone rubber, foam, etc. This can be chosen if you have a small budget, want a portable headphone and are looking for a high quality sound.

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