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Dock Wii

Two Great Options for Your R4 DS by Jack C Smith

As soon as you have been able to switch on your Nintendo console (either DS or DS Lite), it can already load up your system files straight from the R4 DS cartridge. This is the same thing that happens every time you use your M3 DS. The beauty about using the R4 DS as a loading dock for your console's MicroSD card is that it only takes as little as two seconds for the entire thing to load. Within seconds, your R4 DS will be able to load the main menu right away and you will see the R4 DS logo on your console's top screen.

On the bottom screen, your R4 DS will be able to load three options you can choose from. The First option on your R4 DS would be the Game Menu. When this menu is selected from your R4 DS, you will be able to access all the files that are games on your DS or DS Lite. These are also called home brew applications you load on your R4 DS which can be stored in your MicroSD card. Using the controller pad on your DS Lite, you will be able to select which file from your R4 DS you would like to load. If you find yourself loading a game for the very first time, your R4 DS will prompt you and then ask you to confirm what exactly you want to do with it †either create a saved file or otherwise.

This is necessary if you want to continue at a more advanced level in your game play. Your game saves will then be stored in your MicroSD card and them loaded on the R4 DS later for game play. The beauty about this is that you have absolute control over what games will be saved and what can be discarded later (no sense crowding your MicroSD and your R4 DS with games or files that you do not even want to access. And of course, these files on your R4 DS should also have a copy on your personal computer just in case something happens and you end up losing one set.

The second menu you will find on your R4 DS would be the Multimedia Menu. When this second option is selected, you should be able to launch your multimedia play or your moon shell. In the multimedia menu you will be able to view all the digital photos you have stored, listen to your mp3 songs or even watch some movies which you have converted into DVD format (thanks to the included software). You will also be able to read some eBooks that are in .txt format.

This option is really great because it converts your Nintendo DS or your Nintendo DS Lite into a full-fledged entertainment unit with full multimedia capabilities. With these great options, you will never run out of things to do with your Nintendo console †even if you reach the point where you actually (for a time) get tired with playing all sorts of games you have loaded in the game menu.

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