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The State Of The Art Accessories Of Xbox 360 by Drew Samson

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is one of the worlds leading and best gaming device available in the market today. The quality of the Xbox games is really amazing but it is made even better with the accessories that Xbox has brought in as add ons. They make your gaming experience an unforgettable one. Xbox 360 has some of the best accessories in the gaming market today. Here is a brief overview of a few of the accessories.

1. Controllers: An Xbox can handle up to 4 controllers at one time. Most of the consoles come with wired controllers but today there is a shift in trend towards wireless controllers, which is the in thing in the market today.

2. Battery Packs: today there are rechargeable batteries packs available in the market for wireless controllers and it gives the back up for 25 hours. This also provides you to charge while playing with the help of a 'Play and Charge Kit'; it is possible by connecting to the controller of the USB pin slots of the Xbox. And you can also get a quick charge kits which consist of 2 battery packs.

3. Chatpad: It is the small keyboard which contains the headset that is connected to the chat pad. It also helps the users in the process of messaging and chatting.

4. Steering Wheel: It is really an excellent accessory that you can buy for Xbox; it is used for racing games. It consists of the steering wheel that gives you the feeling driving a real car. This accessory also consists of floor mounted brake pedal and accelerator, which also adds to the feeling of a real car.

5. Big Button Controller: It looks similar to the game show buzzers you normally see on the television. It has 4 small buttons which is used to answer multiple choice questions and one large button on top.

6. Arcade Gamestick: It consists of spinner control and a joystick just as in any arcade machine.

7. Guitar Shaped Controller: It is very much similar to the regular controllers; the only difference is that it consists to very few buttons. It came into the market with the release of the Guitar Hero Game.

8. Headset: This accessory helps the gamers to communicate with each other while gaming. And also very helpful accessory while gaming online.

9. Wireless Headset: it is mainly used for three main purposes; private chats, voice chats and in-game voice recognition.

10. Live Vision Camera: This camera provides for the creation of the in-game representation of a player and this is only possible with arcade games that have camera functionality.

There are many third party suppliers who sell many more Xbox accessories. And with the number of accessories Microsoft has come out with for the Xbox 360 one could say that they are quite serious about building on their video gaming business. Some of their recent accessories that have caught up with the market are the Halo 3 special edition console and the Xbox 360 Messenger kit.

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