Hero Controller Wii

Hero Controller Wii

Wii Light Saber Controller is the main weapon in the Wii Star War

Do you like wii games?Or have you ever played it,i think,it was a world games now,people no matter yong or an old,wii games are loved by them.Here you can know one of a popular game,it is Wii Star War,this game is a very interesting game,players can act as a hero who can destroy all enemies.
Wii Light Saber Controller
is the mian weapon in this game besides a night with all of the Victoria Secret girls,We get to cut bad guys down with a lightsaber controller, Wii's Saber Sword it is an interesting
wii accessories kit
While it is compatible with other games, lets confront it, this was made for star wars fits The force unleash.To obtain the complete experience, you truly energy up and right down using the 22 ultra brilliant Leds inside. This could possibly be the coolest element to take place to the star wars gaming evolution and possibly Nintendo itself. Now, if we are able to just determine a method to wield a few of at the instant lifestyle will be perfect.

The main features of this important
wii accessory
---Wii LightSaber Controller:

* More realism with the Wii cutlery Games. Simply attach your Wii Controller to this item.

* 100% new high quality generic Light Sword Controller for Nintendo Wii Remote Control

* It can be us in Wii cutlery Games (e.g. Star War, Dragon Quest, Price of Persia: Rival Swords, etc)

* Durable and heavy duty . The handles can withstand the stree from the realistic flighting

* Two AAA batteries are requir for light

* Color: Blue & R

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