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Hero Wii

Nintendo Wii Games: Wii Wait by Gracee Mily

The gaming industry is one of the most fast growing sector in the UK market. One of the reason for this is the next generation gaming consoles. These consoles are packed with features that will make the pleasure of playing games ultimate. The most selling of these console is the Nintendo Wii. The main reason behind this is the availability of several brilliant and affordable Nintendo Wii games. This is a seventh generation console and started where its predecessor GameCube left. This device is in a competition with the other market biggies Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft X box 360 games.

This device is powered by the efficient IBM PowerPC-based 729 MHz"Broadway" processor. Other than that it has a 243 MHz ATI "Hollywood" graphics card. This device has a 512 MB internal storage which can be upgraded to a whopping 32 GB with SD card. The connectivity options includes Bluetooth, 2 x USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and LAN Adapter. All these features provide brilliant graphics, exceptional sound quality and fantastic game play.

The market of full of a variety of Nintendo Wii games. These fall under several categories like adventure games, strategy games, sports game, combative games, children games, games on movies, racing games and much more. All these games are popular among different category of gamers. Some of the best Nintendo Games are Guitar Hero World Tour, Active Life: Outdoor Challenge, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wii Fit. All these games are responsible for the wide spread popularity of this gaming console. Other than that there are several upcoming Nintendo Wii games, these includes FIFA 11, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Cosmic Destruction , Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Nintendo also has a brand to compete with the hand held Sony PSP, it is called the Nintendo DS games. This device is basically designed for gaming on the move and hence support small and medium category of games. Today's market is full of such Nintendo DS games. A person can visit a price comparison site to search and compare all the cheap Nintendo Wii games as well as cheap Nintendo DS games.

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