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You have got to be aware of this before you purchase Guitar Hero by Nathan Jamieson

There are plenty of music video games one can purchase today for use with the various gaming consoles, but the one that is proving the most popular of them all is Guitar Hero. What makes this game so great is the Guitar Hero guitar which allows you to fully interact with the game. Not only does it look like a real guitar but in order to play it one needs to push the colored buttons on its fret board that correspond to the colored notes which appear on the screen of your TV.

This particular game was originally developed by Harmonix Music Systems but at the end of 2007 the development of it was then transferred to Neversoft. When they took over the development of this particular console game the first one they developed was Legends of Rock which just like all the other Guitar Hero games soon became very popular.

One thing that has made this console game so popular is you can either play on your own or if you feel like it challenge another to compete against you. Also this particular game you will find that you are not limited as to the kind of music you attempt to play with the Guitar Hero guitar. Some of you may prefer the music from the 1960's which was much simpler, whilst others may prefer attempting to play some more of the modern tracks that you can get with it.

Although the Guitar Hero has been around for only a short while since it was first brought onto the market another 5 versions of the game have been developed. Since the first game was developed now more than 23 million of them have been sold around the globe and one that is now proving popular just like many of the others is the Guitar Hero 2 Bundle.

What you may find once you have got this particular Guitar Hero pack is that the game becomes addictive. You will find yourself attempting to move up the show biz ladder to become a world famous rock star as quickly as you can. In the beginning you will be required to play in small clubs and bars and then as your Guitar Hero guitar skills improve you move on to larger venues. Hopefully by the end of the game you will find yourself playing in large arenas and stadiums just as your guitar heroes do.

But as well as this game offering you different venues in which to play your guitar you have the opportunity to play a number of different characters. Each one of these comes with their own unique look and playing style. You can either choose to be a one who is a wow at playing heavy metal or rather play more like a classic rocker.

Each of the Guitar Hero guitars comes with a myriad of features that make it feel like you are playing a real one. Along with the different colored fret buttons it also has a responsive and durable strum bar. Plus each of these guitars has a whammy bar which works and the buttons to decide what mode you play in and when you start the game look similar to the knobs that control the volume on a real guitar.

Also the Guitar Hero guitar is fitted with tilt sensors that are able to recognize those times when you point the instrument straight up or down. It is an instrument which people of all ages can use and comes with an adjustable strap to further enhance the feeling that you are playing the real thing. Also holding it is not a problem because it is light weight. So if you are looking for something this Christmas that will be fun and get everyone joining in you cannot go far wrong with getting any of the different versions of the Guitar Hero games to go with the game console you have.

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