Ii Playstation

Ii Playstation

Getting the Latest News on PlayStation 3 by Simon Taylor

SONY playstation 3 offers the best graphics and sound technology built in this console. Purchase one as soon as possible to know more about the details of this gaming console. Following suit with the Xbox 360, PS3 strives to out do it competition.

Nowadays, one of the best forms of entertainment are gaming consoles and they are very popular. You will truly be entertained when you're bored and got nothing to do. You can also invite your friends or play with your family to kill time in an enjoyable style. You can play with your kids at home on your leisure time with their homework is done.

Knowing the latest information about PlayStation 3 will put you on track on the news and updates that you can use to expand your gaming knowledge. The latest updates include the latest additions like accessories and other parts. It also features other latest games being offered.

Imagine a storage device that can 5 times than a DVD. This is what Playstation 3 has in store for everyone today. They have the new Blue-ray drive, an advanced disc drive technology and is able to create lots of details for the games because of the massive storage space thus creating more realistic feel for the game.

What makes it more exciting is that the new Blu-ray drive of playstations are able to play DVD and audio CDs as well. It's a 3-in-1 machine that offers varied home entertainment. Adding more to it is that your previous disc media can also be read by the new Blu-ray drive thus making your old discs from playstation 2 games still useable.

Another news is that the shipment of these PlayStation 3 will be assured by the end of the fiscal year on March 21, 2007. Sony foresees that it will ship a total of six million systems worldwide. They believe this is not a hard task because people are already eager to buy these units even before they were actually made.

News about what's going to be released can be found when you login to the PlayStation 3 website. Variations to the game will be mentioned there, so just log-in to the site www.playstation.com and also know the further details of this gaming console.

Simon Taylor is the author of Ps3-Gamers-United.com, your information on purchasing playstation 3 and its retail pricing. You can find relase dates as well to know when it is coming out in town. Simon's contact information can be found at simon@ps3-gamers-united.com

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