Madden Xbox 360

Madden Xbox 360

Exciting Video Gamers For Any Video Gaming System by Victor Epand

There are several video gaming systems available on the market today and to go with these fabulous video gaming systems there are some really exciting video games. In fact, there are video game that are being released for each video gaming system and some that are being specially make for a particular video gaming system.

Some of the most favorite of all the sports video games that are available on the market today are the Football Manager 2007, NCAA 2007, and lets not forget Madden 2007. These are some of the most sought after games each year when ever a new version is released. With the Football Manager 20007, the gamer has the ability the establish their very own team so that they can receive players on loan from much larger teams. The gamer is also given little helpful tips while playing to help improve their performance. This is helpful when selecting, playing, and coaching team players. This is definitely the game to choose for the gamer that craves that interactive experience as well.

Another great game on the market today is called Star Trek, and in this video game the gamer is gets placed as the head admiral of the elite task force of warships. As the head admiral the gamer has to control the fleet in large scale battles, which will test the strategic and tactical skills of the gamer. All combat includes authentic spaceships with full visual damage effects all in real time. The story is based upon the Star Trek Universe from the original series of the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the Enterprise. This video is only available for the Xbox-360 at the moment, but the battlefields are all given in three dimensional that are brilliantly depicted with the nebulas, wormholes, planets, and stars.

One of the top action games available on the market today is Grand Theft Auto I, II, III, IV, and now V. These video games are loved by children and adults alike and with the addition of each new version there is a brand new respect given to this video game and the graphics. The main character is Niko Bellic and he has recently moved to Liberty City to find himself immersed within a world of crime. This video game allows the gamer to work on their strategic skills and improve their techniques can be more innovative than ever before. The details of Liberty City are much more defined right down to each pot hole cover, window curtain, and even the vents on the roof tops.

Another action video game that has caught the attention of older gamers is the fifth installment of the Resident Evil. This video game is exactly like the movie, but I do not recommend it for young children due to the blood and gore. This is a video game that is thrilling and exciting to play that has many terrifying parts within the twists and turns so that the gamer is unable to tell exactly what will happen next. These video games are only a few of the wonderful video games available on the market that are sure to please any gamer.

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