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Xbox Kinect vs Nintendo Wii: the major improvements in Xbox Kinect

Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. This article, Xbox Kinect vs Nintendo Wii will tell you
the major improvements in Xbox Kinector

Here is Xbox Kinect vs Nintendo Wii: the major improvements in Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect improvement 1:

What good is a lazy wave-your-hand menu and dashboard navigation system when you have to get off the couch and stand up to use it? That's what we've all been wondering. Now it seems that you can keep your fat ass planted when using Kinect to navigate the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Xbox Kinect improvement 2:

Joystiq tried out the menu and movie controls at a gamescom meeting in sit mode and found that it works pretty well in several situations. Sitting in a chair on on the floor works fine, even when reclining. They couldn't get it to work correctly reclining with the Kinect sensor at their sides, but that's not really a big deal.Joystiq says that it even worked when they used one human as a coffee table while another sat behind the human table controlling a movie. that Kinect was running using a version of software that has been improved since E3. More improvements are coming before launch.

Xbox Kinect improvement 3:

A lot of Kinect works while sitting, the only thing you'll need to stand up for is motions involving your (get ready for it) legs. The only people who complain otherwise know nothing about the technology. And even if you're too lazy to wave your hand, you can just use the voice command to navigate the dashboard and whatnot. Or just pick up your controller and do it the apparently-now-old-fashioned way

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