Mario Nintendo Wii

Mario Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Mario Kart Wii With Wii Wheel:

Nintendo Mario Kart Wii With Wii Wheel Game

Nintendo Mario Kart is a game for the Nintendo Wii and it comes with a Wii Wheel. This is racing game and the Wii Wheel turns the Wii Remote controller into a steering wheel. Whereas the Wii Remote with the Nunchuk controller gives you classic control style that is more suited for the expert. In both control styles, you can just shake the Wii Remote and perform tricks to boost your speed. You can now feel the thrill of your character when it does stunts or steer to avoid obstacles.

You can choose to be a Nintendo character or create your own customized Mii characters to be used in the races. Multiplayer play is supported too and you can either challenge up to 3 players locally or challenge up to 11 players in the Nintendo Mario Kart race using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Using Ninention Wi-Fi connection, you can access all tracks and modes of play. Furthermore, you can compete in tournaments, see what your friends are playing, download ghost data, and check rankings via Mario Kart Channel.

Nintendo Mario Kart Includes

Nintendo Mario Kart wii with wii wheel even has motorbikes that you can choose if you are looking for a change for the usual 4-wheeled car. On both cars and bikes, you can increase your speed by performing tricks with the Wii Remote. Additionally, as you progress in the game, new and exciting circuits are opened up. Nintendo Mario Kart wii with wii wheel is an excellent solution if you want to be a racing king but in the safety of your living room.


* Wii Wheel Remote.

* Reasonable amount of variety.

* Controls aren’t terrible.

* Battle modes aren’t the same as in earlier games.

* Great multiplayer game.

* The Wii wheel is a lot fun. It gives you the feeling of actually controlling the car.

* There are a lot of old and new tracks in this one.


* The game is designed such that over half the playable content is locked, and you have to spend hours or days of your time unlocking.

* Unlocking is just gets boring and annoying.

* Multiplayers game Screen will be litte size. Must Have large screen TV For Multiplayers.

* The AI cheats sometimes.


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