Mario Wii

Mario Wii

Which Wii Games to Get For Christmas? by Patrick G. Moore

As Christmas is coming up soon, people are busy buying Christmas gifts. Nintendo Wii and its games are usually sold out faster than any other game consoles. Out of ten people, nine of them list Wii as their favourite game console. No doubt that Wii games are on top of the wish list as well. How do you pick Wii games when shopping for gifts?

The best way is to pick the Wii games best seller. It is recommended to get Mario Kart for Wii since this is the game that has the highest ranking among others although this game has been around for some time. Mario Kart Wii never fails to amuse anyone. You get to race with other players from all over the world and create your own Mii, a special Wii characters representing yourself.

It's hard to miss the Guitar Hero and Rock Band buzz that's been around for a while and the Wii versions of these game is of course also a big hit. This is the wanna be musician's favorite. Manage your own band at your own will. With additional accessories like the guitar, microphone and drums, this game is a top inspiring game for those who love music and have dreams of being in a band.

Thirdly a new game that's quickly becoming very popular. Sim City Creator, based on the highly popular PC game Sim City series, is clearly one of the top holiday favorites as well. People always love to build their own cities, watch their own creation grow only to launch a natural disaster at will only to see the effects. This is a great game for those who love becoming god of their city with the power to do anything.

Wii Fit might have been around for some time but the truth is, a little exercise won't hurt and getting a Wii Fit as a Christmas or New Year present is going to help getting that head start in exercising to keep fit. Wii Fit is another big hit from Nintendo in terms of innovation and fun game play. The balance board can also be used for other cool games like the new cool game Rayman Rabbids TV party. Wii Fit really gives kids and grown ups a good encouragement to start exercising and it have never been that fun to do get fit.

There are many choices in the market and to get the best deal, you should be shopping for the items you need earlier. Wii games usually run out fast and you will have to wait for a long time before the stock is coming in so preparation is the key for success in getting the Wii console or Wii games you want. Otherwise, get those gifts nicely wrapped and delivered to your doorsteps. This way, you don't have to fret and stress.

Patrik G Moore is an avid Nintendo Wii fan and he recommends all new Wii users to read The Ultimate Wii Guide and look for the latest Wii games and accessories at Buy Cheap Wii Consoles.

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