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To Repeat The Relevant Store? Dazhong Brand Or Disappeared In Hebei by betty

Afternoon, "Gome acquired Dazhong" national video conference, the country hosted the United States announced a comprehensive medium and large. Recently, Shijiazhuang Gome and Dazhong stores will be adjusted, turn off the repeat stores may be staged.

Gome acquired Dazhong temporarily options Of the Video will be heard the latest information using third-party loans Gome acquired Dazhong lightning, the 36 billion yuan paid in full to medium and large, did not choose the previous option plus cash transfer. This sends a signal, medium and large "Master" will be entirely from the country of beauty and stripping medium and large systems, the National United States is essentially "buying" the medium and large.

U.S. current status as the country

foreign companies to complete the acquisition of medium and large electrical appliances, need approval of the Ministry of Commerce, the current stage is still managed. "Sized" brand will continue to be completed before approval. In addition, Gome acquired Dazhong without consideration of equity, after waiting to upgrade the quality of medium and large business, will be large and medium state assets into U.S. listed companies to ensure price stability.

Also revealed that before the Yongle and Dazhong 150 million yuan of deposit disputes, with the States United States took over the medium and large have been written off.

Hebei sized somewhat weaker effect Decision in accordance with national headquarters in the United States

, Beijing market will adopt the "National America" and "medium and large" double-brand and operate the two teams, outside Beijing, choose the right way by the local local conditions.

"Sized greater impact in Beijing, in Hebei lose some." Hebei Gome the Ministry of Planning, said Wang Qing, Hebei not rule out the abolition of "sized" brand may be. Medium and large, once extinct, Hebei, China headquarters in the United States will request the maximum to meet the re-induction medium and large staff, most large and medium workers will not be affected. Hebei, China also committed the United States, consumers buy goods in large and medium appliances, quality after-sale problems arise, the country will have to bear the United States. But the country does not undertake medium and large U.S. supplier of payment arrears and debt.

Capital will alleviate the hard-fought home appliances

Wang Qing said the country after the U.S. took over the medium and large, would have to adjust Shijiazhuang store, shut down or relocated to repeat store.

Stone City Contractors Association Secretary-General Cao Runting that the United States took over the large and medium state, Shijiazhuang has been hard-fought home appliances will ease, shutting down some stores Zhongshan road is particularly important.

Currently Shijiazhuang Total States United States, the North, Suning and Dazhong four major appliance brands, 19 stores, accounting for the overall appliance sales Shijiazhuang, more than 95% market share. Gome and Dazhong merger, the appliance business in Hebei, the country will be the most beautiful stores. Consumers have worried that reduce the number of home appliances business, will create a monopoly, consumers.

This, Gome president Chen Xiao explained that, at present, even in China in Hebei, China Mita less than monopoly position, even if the monopoly would not harm the interests of consumers. States United States took over the medium and large can play a maximum advantage of big purchases, and thus inhibit the appliance commodity prices.

It is said that in the future, Gome will Shijiazhuang States United States, large stores operating under the sections of the implementation of differentiated, high-end boutiques and shops will coexist mass consumption.

Divergent views the United States spent 3.6 billion worth country?

Rumors that the country is to resist the United States bought only reluctantly give Suning sized 600 million. One industry in the national grid, said the country before the United States in September net profit was 753 million, this transaction is 3.65 billion cash payment, the risk is too large. Furthermore, as the large and medium sized business is not very optimistic, so buy some "impulsive."

Home appliances sector, a senior who believes that after 2008 will certainly be the international home appliance giants to enter China, Gome acquired Dazhong Chen Cishi machine in the long run, saving money and then advance to seize the favorable region.

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