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Will The New Microsoft Xbox Console Be Called The Xbox 8 Or Xbox 720?

The hype of the Xbox 720 is getting hotter as each month passes and numerous are still left to speculate about the next generation console. News have also emerged that Microsoft are rolling in developer units for a chipset nicknamed "Oban" which was created by producer IBM. Even though there are heavy rumors of the next Xbox to be called the Xbox 720, there has been yet another name that has caught on: "Trinity."

While Microsoft is still making plans on the possible names to its next generation console, there were rumors that the name might be something like, "Xbox 8." This is thought to be in the same line as that of the future PC based system in the Windows 8 which will certainly additionally connect the Windows 8 phone completely.

The news of the feature came from a staff member from a tech internet site devoted to publishing write-ups linked with the Xbox. The unnamed worker, that occurred to have left his job, stated that mass developer units are currently in production and developers from video gaming names have been getting units of the hardware. The units is said to be in a non-console form.

Further affirmed news suggests that a new variation of the non-console form was shown at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012 a few weeks ago. This was established with a full variation of the 3rd edition of Battlefield. The codenames "Loop" and "Infinity" were named because it is thought that easily accessible services are one of the main functions of the brand-new Xbox console.

Infinity is thought to be an enhanced version of the Xbox Live and it is rumored to be the next generation platform that will be made use of for the upcoming Xbox for making electronic subject matter downloads from the console and from Windows 8. Infinity is a platform that could be accomplished in the next line of television sets to bring applications and further material without having to use an Xbox console.

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