Microsoft Xbox Day

Microsoft Xbox Day

Xbox 360 Red Light Fix - Repair Made Easy by Adam A B

Only a few short years ago, Microsoft introduced their upgraded addition of the Xbox 360, as much as this console is, it also came with a few problems that not only irritates the people that own them, but also discourages possibly customers from buying one.

If we only knew then, what we Xbox 360 owners are experiencing now, we might have re-considered and bought the Nintendo Wii instead.

Since the Xbox 360 has so many hardware failures and general overheating issues, the worst problem of all, has been the notorious 3 Rings of Death.

The odds are, if you’re the owner of an Xbox 360, you’re also going to encounter this issue (Xbox 360 3 Rings of Death) and become devastatingly aggravated just like the hundred billion other Xbox 360 owners on the globe.

Keeping Your Cool on the Flow

One major issue is the overheating problem that 80% of all Xbox 360’s will indefinitely happen and the number 1 reason for overheating to happen is lack of air flow.

The Xbox 360 has curriculum fans that constantly need to be blowing fresh cool air on the main circuitry board, along with many vented openings that allow the fan to intake fresh air.

The other problem the Xbox 360 is notorious for, is the AC power supply bar, (little black box) that has one cord connect to the Xbox 360 and another cord on the other side of it, that plugs directly into your electrical outlet. This to, has small fans located on the inside, that allow a constant flow of fresh cool air in to keep cool.

On a recent press release, Microsoft stated that their power supply for the Xbox 360 had a energy deficiency, that causes the Xbox to actually take in to much power at once, now I don’t know if this is actually true or not, but I do know, that as long as you don’t leave your console on 24hrs a day and everything is getting air as it’s suppose too, you won’t have any major issues.

Ever since the Xbox started having problems, Microsoft repaired broken Xbox 360's under the 90 day warranty for zero cost and charged nearly $150.00 to repair out-of-warranty Xbox 360's. July, 2007 Microsoft extended the warranty of all Xbox 360 consoles with common hardware failures to the new 3 year warranty agreement.

So let's go over what you can do to prevent the 3 rings of death happening to your Xbox 360

1. Always keep Xbox 360 on its upright side!

2. Always make sure the breathing holes on the outside of your Xbox clean and taking in fresh air!

3. Make sure to never leave your Xbox 360 on for more than 12 hrs at a time.

4. Make sure your power supply block is in a position where it too, can breathe properly to keep cool.

5. If you're covered under your warranty, let Microsoft fix it!

Ok, if the advice above provided you with absolutely no guidance at all, and your Xbox 360 is already flashing 3 red lights (3 rings of death) then you have 3 choices you can make to get your Xbox 360 repaired.

3 Tips to Bring Your 360 Alive

1. You can send it to Microsoft and have them fix it for you, (takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks and cost as much as $160.00)

2. If you're Xbox 360 is still covered under its warranty (LET THEM FIX IT FOR YOU)!!!

3. Let a pro show you how to fix it yourself? Not just any ordinary Joe blow, but an ex-Microsoft Xbox 360 technician who knows the machine inside out and has repaired nearly 60,000 Xbox 360's over the last year and half. (Sounds like the best choice to me)

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