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Dell’s Offerings for Premier PC Mobility by Groshan Fabiola

When you want to talk about the huge range of technology products available to people, many of them enjoy popularity as top-of-mind brands. For instance, for mobile console gaming, the first two brands that come to mind are the Playstation Portable (PSP) and the Nintendo DS Lite. Console gaming per se is popularized by two specific players in the market: the Playstation by Sony, and Xbox 360 by Microsoft. However, there are none in the portable computing category. This is perhaps the reason why Dell forwards different lines designed to meet the respective requirements of their clients.

Dell first decided to enter the consumer market by introducing a portable laptop line under the name of Inspiron. The Dell Inspiron notebooks were designed to meet only the requirements of consumer clients and not business clients. It was only in the year 2007 that they introduced the desktop line of Inspiron systems, as the line was originally meant to be an all-portable line of computing devices.

Dell Inspiron laptops come small, mid-sized, and large sizes. Weighing 7.62 lbs, the large Inspiron 1720 and 1721 are equipped with a whopping 17†screen display, video card options, and compatibility support system for dual SATA drives. These Dell Inspiron notebooks, more than anything, were designed to be desktop replacements.

For mid-sized Dell Inspiron laptops, the first options were the 1520 and 1521. With more portable 15.4†screen, these laptops were supercharged with up to 2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo processor and a video card option of NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS/8600M GT. Using a DDR2 memory, this video card option is much slower than the ones in the gaming line of Dell, which instead uses a GDDR3 memory.

The extension of the mid-sized Dell Inspiron notebooks was the Inspiron 1525, which had a much weaker video card, using only an Intel X3100. Through these mid-sized options for Dell Inspiron laptops, it is evident that the company wants to differentiate the options between those who prefer using their portable systems for regular computing purposes, and those who need much more advanced requirements for their gaming. The 1520 and 1521 both had sufficient specifications for gaming, but still offered a weaker alternative to the XPS platforms. The Inspiron 1525 was an altogether different offering for regular consumers, making the Dell XPS M1530 more suitable for users who need more graphics power.

Dell XPS notebooks are Dell’s foray into meeting the needs requirements of their computer gaming market. These are an extension of the original XPS line of desktops that were originally offered to the market, obviously offering an edge in terms of mobility. The XPS line was designed to be the high-end gaming offering of Dell, with â€XPS†literally referring to â€Extreme Performance Systemâ€. Released first in 1993, the line has extended into producing desktops (XPS 270) for the market in 2007. These Dell XPS laptops are available in a wide range of screen sizes, with the biggest at 20â€, to 17â€, to 14.1†screens. The current offering for Dell XPS notebooks is the XPS M1730. With its 17†screen, edgy white, red, blue or gray chassis options, Core2 Duo processors, and GeForce 8700M video cards, the model promises extreme power in edgy gaming.

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