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Where Can I Find a Good Xbox Repair Service?

If you are worried about your console as it is showing Xbox 360 error e71 and you don't know how to fix Xbox 360 then this article will help you to learn about some basic fix to deal with that problem. In many cases Xbox 360 error e71 is termed as a kind of Xbox red dot error since when this problem strikes a system, the led light at bottom right side of the power button starts blinking red.

Now before going to the fixing part ofxbox red dot fix, let's see why the error code e71 shows up on a console at the first place:

Error code e71 can show up on your console if the system is facing some difficulties with the dashboard and console software updates. In many cases the Microsoft Xbox consoles came up with problems following the update in fall 2006.

Hacking or flashing the firmware of the console can also cause Xbox 360 error e71.

Tips to fix Xbox e 71

If your console encounters this error then don't panic. Instead go for the following procedure:

At first you may consider re-setting the console to factory default settings to get rid of this error. In order to do so, first go to the dashboard and scroll to the far right and find the initial setup option. Once you get there, just follow the directions and you will be able to get the job done easily.

Now incase you are not being able to access the screen, restart the console and while the machine is restarting, press the Y button of the controller and hold on it. This might get you through to the reset option.

However, if these basic procedures fail to remove that error e71 from your machine then you will need to go for an extensive fix for that Xbox 360. Now before considering any particular option for fixing the error first check out the warranty of your console. If the machine is still covered then the best thing would be to send the console back to Microsoft Repair Center and they will take care of the problem for which you do not have to pay any service charge.

Now you might need to consider some other option to repair your machine if that is no longer covered by the warranty since Microsoft does not offer free repair for warranty expired consoles.

In such cases Xbox self-fix is proven to be the most effective option to perform an Xbox 360 red dot error fix. This procedure will allow you to repair your console all by yourself with the help of a manual. A reliable Xbox repair manual known aslearn how to fix xbox will provide you A to Z instruction about how to perform an Xbox red dot error fix which will be supported by top quality video clips and images where you will see how an expert Xbox repairer fixes Xbox 360 error e71.


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