Motion Remote Wii

Motion Remote Wii

Enjoy Nintendo wii Without Hurting Yourself by rajejawa

Governments around the developed world are looking at ways of dealing with childhood obesity. It is often blamed that computer games is one of the culprits, as children are not exercising much and spend lot of time before the computer.

Nintendo wii games are different from other computer games. Instead of just moving the fingers it encourages children to physically play action games. There are inbuilt motion sensors, which allow the player to control the characters and actions on the screen. Also, Wii remote is wand shaped, which all children like. This unique concept is closely watched by other manufacturers, which would lead to a healthy competition in computer games. In near future market will be flooded with computer games that would claim to reduce certain calories if that game is played for a certain time period.

It is not surprising for any advanced technology or innovations like this is heavily criticized. Critics claim that Nintendo is causing many injuries. Someone even coined a term called wii syndrome and many quickly set up websites which deal with this so called WII syndrome, But if you sit back and think about the so called WII related injuries, most of us will definitely agree that it is not because of WII but because of our over enthusiasm and aggressive involvement with the game. Nintendo has confirmed that the product itself is completely safe and fun to use. According to them Wii passed all safety tests and is completely fine if we use it with the guidelines they have specified. As suggested by the spoke person of Nintendo, the wii remote are responsive enough to detect minor movements and it is you to be blamed if you use it rigorously and there by getting injured.

On careful analysis of reported injuries, it is clear that the injuries to the children are minimal. Most injuries are reported in the parents who are playing with their children. As we grow old, our body cannot cope with repetitive and unaccustomed work. We need to warm up before doing prolonged or repetitive physical activities. It is our age to be blamed not the technology. The good news is that most parents have started playing games with children, which increases the bond between them. This new technology can be a milestone to tackle with obesity in children as well as in adults.

Almost all of the injuries reported are avoidable; by just following the instruction that come along with the Wii and doing some warm up exercises and giving a pause at regular intervals, it is possible to enjoy this unique and exciting technology without hurting ourselves.

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