Motion Wii Silicone

Motion Wii Silicone

Evolution of Gaming and Game Consoles by Hannah Reed

Today’s generation grew up with video games as one of their top modes of entertainment and interaction. Some of them still spend most of their time glued to their game consoles.

Due to advancements in technology, the evolution of games has been monumental. Games today are high in 3D imagery and are designed such that the player gets a rush of excitement during game play. Advanced games are being designed everyday and the choice of the ultimate game changes by the minute.

Games in the past used to be just a source of entertainment. The games we see today influence the culture of the day. Looking at movies, music, television, advertising and even politics, you can see just how games are being used to disseminate information in all these fields. Games are being used to inform and influence the perceptions of society, even to the point of creating controversy, as is seen in the terrorist games. Games are being used to bring people together as a family, friends etc.

The ability to play video games depends very much on the console that you use. Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s XBOX are the main consoles that are being used on the market today. The games designed for these consoles are fantastic and the competition to produce better and more popular games is fierce

The gaming consoles come with various skins to suit the character of the player and also to protect the console against damage. Halo3 for XBOX, Red Steel for Wii and Call of duty for PS3 have been the most influential games fort each of the consoles.

You can get designer XBOX skins, a PS3 skin and a skin for Wii from your game store. Other enhancements include 120 GB hard drives, HDMI in the XBOX and motion sensitive controllers for the Wii. A slot loaded Blu-Ray Disc drive for the PS3 that allows up to 7 controllers via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and HDMI.

You can now go to a store and get a gaming console, add all the accessories that you need to make your gaming experience the ultimate one.

Console Skins for the Various Gaming Consoles

The ps3 is quite sleek in its design and styling. However there is the danger of getting scratches on that pitch black glossy cover and your console making it appear less attractive. There is a way to prevent though; add a protective skin on the gaming console.

These skins are flexible and are pre cut for your game console. They come with special adhesive such that if you make a mistake in aligning any of the pieces, you can just peel it off, realign the piece and stick it back on. The material"vinyl--will not shrink for at least 5 years. This, however, is not the only material as some skins are made of silicone. The PS3 skin will come in colours that will match both the console and the controller.

A skin for wii will be professionally designed and precisely molded such that it protects the whole gaming console. It will prevent dust and scratches from marring the cover of the console. Silicone skins will protect the console from more serious damage, for instance, if the console is accidently dropped from considerable height. Protective skins come in a number of themes to appeal to different gamers. Safety and credibility is the most important factor when choosing a protective skin. The skins will give you an opportunity to make a fashion statement of your own especially when your friends come along for a night of gaming. The right theme of the console and controller skins is sure to impress. You can get a good skin for about $20. For that price, you will also get a wii remote, nunchuk or classic controller skins bundled in.

The XBOX 360 is a high end game console. As with all other game consoles, there is no way in which you can customize the cover of the console other than going out and buying skins from an accessories store. The plain white and chrome design may be too boring for you after a while. You may want a skin that is in theme with your best game. XBOX skins are available as vinyl decals or stickers. These are designed such that you can stick them on and peel them off when you want another theme.

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