Motion Wii

Motion Wii

Wii Games: The Evolution of Wii Motion Plus by Vikram Kumar

Where It All Began

Nintendo Company is the maker of the well-liked Wii games. The company has been producing home and handy video game consoles way back since the 1970s. Home consoles consist of the Color TV Game, Nintendo and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Game Cube, Virtual Boy, and the recently developed Wii games. On the other hand the popular Nintendo portable consoles are the Game and Watch, the Game Boy line, and the Nintendo DS line. Although Nintendo Company has been around since the eighteenth century, it did not start venturing into video games until the twentieth century. The first business venture of Nintendo was the Hanafuda playing cards and became the most in demand card game during that time. The succeeding business ventures of Nintendo included a taxi company, a food company, and a love hotel. It was only during the electronic era during the mid-1970s when they focused more on producing video games. From then on, it has become the largest software maker company in the world, and reports prove that it contributes billions of dollars in worldwide sales.

Revolutionizing How Video Games Are Played

The Wii Remote, which is the primary controller for the popular Nintendo Wii Games, was introduced in September of 2005 at a Tokyo Game Show. Since then, Wii Remote or Wiimote has been receiving an overwhelming attention because of its unique features like its ability to sense motion quickly and accurately. Players and users are given the chance to make real-time interaction with the items seen on the screen. Just by pointing at the item or a simple wrist movement, it is now easy to manipulate what players see on screen. Thanks to the accelerometer technology and also the optical sensor of the Wii remote, everything else becomes possible. Aside from Wii Remote’s motion sensing capability, another significant feature is that its ability can be upgraded through different attachment such as the Wii Motion Plus.

Recently, a new twist was added with the introduction of an accessory, the Wii Motion Plus. The accessory works by simply attaching it to the bottom portion of the Wii Remote and can then accurately and quickly trace 3-D motions in space by just orienting the controller. Wii Motion Plus comprehensively tracks the arm position and orientation of the player providing a more precise level of game immersion. A slight movement of the player’s arm or wrist can be identically seen in real time on screen. With this advantage of the Wii Motion Plus, a perfect one-on-one response is expected in every game play.

Wii Motion Plus determines a 1:1 motion because of the help of its multi axis gyroscope together with the accelerometer and sensor. Gyroscopes are usually used in cars for their automatic stability control system. In Wii Motion Plus, the gyro is shrunk to a size that can fit for use in the Wii Remote. Although because of the power usage for the shrinkage, it is expected that battery life is reduced whenever it is used in the Wii Motion Plus. But it is nothing when compared with the advantage and convenience it gives the players.

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