Nintendo Gc Wii

Nintendo Gc Wii

Nintendo Wii Game Console System: Unique Design, Wireless Connection, Ultimate Gaming At Its Best by Karin Manning

Imagine yourself a video game fanatic. You are looking for something unique to satisfy your video game needs, and wherever you turn your head to, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 is all that you can see.

They both sound typical to you, with both of them being a console that contains a processor and a double handed controller. Now, what are you going to do? Look for a great alternative? Well, that's so possible. The Nintendo Wii system is now available out there on the market, after all.

The Wii system is one of the most recent innovations in the video game industry. It was released in Novermber 19, 2006 carrying the codename Revolution. It was developed in Japan by the Nintendo Company, Limited itself, and was successfully introduced to the world market through its great launching.

On its launching, the Wii system boasts a number of games designed for both adults and children. The launch titles are developed by the company itself, but today, more and more games are coming out, most are developed by third parties. Several reports also have it that more and more games will be coming out soon for the Nintendo Wii system.

Aside from the games, the Nintendo Wii system is also noted for its wonderful features and capabilities. It is deemed by many video game enthusiasts in the market as the perfect counterpart of the PS3 and Xbox 360, if not the most powerful.

For further emphasis, below are some of the most basic facts you must know about the Nintendo Wii system. Continue reading.

The Design: Nintendo Wii system is primarily noted for its unique design. It was built compact, making it a perfect add-on to any of the available television setup. The Nintendo Wii system also comes in white color. It can even be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

The Size: In terms of size, the Nintendo Wii system is not so large and not so small. It has a length of about 8.5 inches, and a width of 6 inches. It is also not so thick, since it only measures 2 inches for its thickness.

The Media: The Nintendo Wii system boasts a single media bay that can be self-loaded. With this tool, the Wii then can play a single or a double layered optical disc measuring 12 centimeters. It can also play an 8 centimeter disc designed for the Nintendo GameCube games.

Network: The Nintendo Wii console system can be used with a wireless connection. It communicates particularly with the Internet through the IEEE 802.11 or a LAN adapter designed for Nintendo Wii itself. Also, the system can work with a wireless connection performed through the Nintendo DS.

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