Nintendo Wii Charger

Nintendo Wii Charger

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The device is compatible with XBOX360,PS3 AND WII rock band 2 drum kits!The surface of cymbals used top grade PVC material and made the corrode grain,which has nice and beautiful appearance!this device is include 2 cymbals and 2pcs link cable.

1,the surface of cymbals adopt scorrode grain.
2,Easy-to-install clamp for quick setup!
3,Adopts velocity-sensitive integrate circuit,the degree of power to beat the cymbal heads,can control the game sound big or small.
4,Support the six cymbal tone from rockband2 drum kit interior program.
5,it is durable,it can bear any games power.
6,You can choose the six cymbal tone as your favour,need to connect the link cable to yellow,blue or green color-hole on the rockband 2 drum,each colorhole had 6tones of voice in the game.

User manual:
1,Dismantle rockband 2 electron drum head.
2,Separately set the two drum cymbals kickstand into the aluminum tube of the rockband2 drum and tight the crew.(Adjustable height according to your taste).
3,Assemble the rockband2 drum head back to kickstand aluminum tube.
4,Connect the 2link cable to the corresponding color-hole of the rockband2 electron drum.(Anyhow you can choose to connect the link cable to yellow,blue or green color connector on the rockband 2 drum for different voice of the Cymbal,just do as your favor.
5,Open the console and enter into the games,the game will show correspondance action and then hit the cymbal,the game will emit sweet cymbals voice.

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