Nintendo Wii Mario

Nintendo Wii Mario

Sunkey Lite 1.3A modchip Mario BCA Fix version for Nintendo Wii

All model compatible, EXCEPT the new D3-2 . Latest V1.3A has the BCA Mario Fix incorporated.

The Sunkey modchip is brought to you from the D2Sun team, they have been around for quite some time now and have shown on going commitment to producing excellent quality and reliable Wii modchips. The Sunkey-lite is their budget solderless Wii modchip for all wii drives including the new d2 nothing D3 drives and are very popular and are selling fast . Although the Sunkey Lite does not have all the features of the Sunkey, Sunkey Pro or the Drivekey it still matches up to all the other modchips out there on todays market.

The one thing you can guarantee from the d2sun team is they give 100% support for there products and are always quick to fix any issues with there chips, once installed the D2Sun's 100% solderless Sunkey-Lite wii mod chip works with no issues what so ever.


100% solderless, just plug and play

Latest V1.3A has the BCA Mario Fix incorporated.

Has a 2 bit switch to choose region, supports JAP / USA / KOR / EUR / AUS

Supports ALL current UK Wii models, old and brand new - EXCEPT the new D3-2

Supports Game Cube games

Supports homebrew

Supports all 100% of Wii games from the consoles original region

Support about 90% of Wii games from different regions (this is the same for all Wii modchips)

2 LED function indication on board

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