Nintendo Wii Party

Nintendo Wii Party

Nintendo Review of Wii by Sally Rutherford

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones. I own a Wii. Please read on for a nintendo review: wii.
When I first got home after a long night of waiting in line, I was very excited to set it up. I was initially surprised at how small the system was. Well size doesn't matter right?
Setting it up was a breeze. I fired it up with Wii Sports (included with the system for free). I was surprised at how intuitive the controls were.
Finally a game system my wife can enjoy! She has been intimidated in the past by all of the crazy controls that current games have. Not the case with the wii. Bowling, for example, feels like real bowling. You move the remote just like you would your hand, down to the flick of the wrist to give the ball a bit of a spin!
Of course, what about the games for the more serious gamer? I also purchased Zelda Twilight Princess. This may be the best Zelda ever. It is that good! The controller really lends itself well to this game. It allows you to do so much more. And it really pulls you in. Wait until you shoot your first arrow, or reel in your first fish. It has to be played to be believed!
I think that the Nintendo Wii is a very strong system with a lot of potential. Are there a lot of great games out right now? No, but there will be. There are many Nintendo first party titles on the way, as well as plenty of third party support.
Frankly many of the launch games are not the greatest, which is typically the case with most systems. Give the developers time, they will certainly figure this system out and use its full potential in the future.
My official advice for this nintendo review wii is that you pick one up. You will be pleased!

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Nintendo Review Wii

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