Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Setting Up Your Nintendo Wii Made Easy by Liat Nachman

So you've just excitedly rushed home from the shop with your new Nintendo Wii, opened the box and then stopped dead in your tracks - because it's just occurred to you that you haven't the faintest idea how to setup Nintendo Wii. This article is here to help you with this process; it's easier than it looks, so don't worry!

Starting to Setup Wii

First you'll need to determine how you want the orientation of your Nintendo Wii. The Wii can sit either vertically or horizontally. If you want to place your unit vertically, place the Wii in the control plate which will be included in the box. What you need to consider here is the space available in your entertainment center and the best way to orient your Wii to ensure that it has sufficient air flow to remain cool.

Plug in Wii

After this, you need to plug in your Wii to both your outlet and to the television set. Check the back or perhaps the front of your TV to see what manner of A/V connections is present. Once you've found these, plug the correct cord from the Wii into the corresponding plug on your television.

The next step is to plug the AC adapter included with your Wii into the wall outlet and then into the back of your Nintendo Wii console. If you are in, or plan to travel to Europe, remember to use the proper AC adapter - using the wrong type can damage your Wii.

After you setup Nintendo Wii to be connected to your television and to your power, the next thing to do is to plug in the sensor bar to your unit. Find the sensor bar jack on your Wii and plug in the cord there. You must then find a spot to place the sensor bar where the controllers can properly orient themselves to it. The sensor bar has infrared light emitters which the controllers need to receive so you will need an unobstructed sight line between the two. Ideally, you will place your sensor bar in the middle of your TV, which will make it easy for the controllers to align themselves.

The next thing to do to setup Nintendo Wii is to get the controllers up and running. Each controller uses two AA batteries. Install these in the controllers, put a game in your Wii console and then turn on the unit. Make sure that your television set is tuned to channel 3 and you should be ready to go. Follow the instructions which will appear on your screen to finish controller setup and you're off!

If you are unsure about any step to setup Nintendo WIi in your home, just consult the helpful list below:

Place Your Wii properly - decide whether to place your Wii vertically or horizontally depending on your available space and air flow for the console.

Plug your Wii in to your television and to a wall outlet using the adaptor included.

Plug in your sensor bar and place it in a central location on top of your television set.

Place AA batteries in your controllers and put a game in your Nintendo Wii unit.

Turn on the console, turn your television to channel 3 and follow the instructions to complete setup.

Have fun!

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