Pink Nintendo Wii

Pink Nintendo Wii

Why Collecting Cheap Nintendo DS Lites Can Be Profitable by Brian Moffat

The Nintendo DS Lite console and its predecessor the Nintendo DS are considered to be two of the most popular video game systems ever sold. Even the Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and Playstation have a hard time keeping up with their sales. The portable consoles may be little, but their sales have more than made up for their size.

In December 2002 Sony sold 2.7 million Playstation 2 video game consoles. In December 2007, Nintendo sold 3.0 million Nintendo DS Lites which broke the record for most sales during a period of 30 days. These numbers were collected by an association known as the NPD Group which researches marketing numbers for a large number of companies.

The Nintendo DS can be purchased in 12 different colors which may explain why so many people like to buy them. You can also take the unit anywhere which is also a nice feature. There are so many choices available that many people like to collect the many different consoles. That way they can keep certain units in prime condition and use others to play games on.

If only you'd saved that old Atari! Imagine how much money you would have today if you still owned one in prime condition. That's how some people feel about their Nintendo DS.

You can also find a bunch of different consoles that are no longer available for sale. One such unit that is probably hard to find is the Pirates of the Carribean console which was produced to help advertise the movie when it first came out. Other units were produced to help advertise sales of video games which were developed for the Nintendo DS including Donkey Kong vs. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy.

Besides advertising new video games and movies, some Nintendo DS consoles are created to increase awareness for certain causes like breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon special edition unit is one such example. Whenever one of these units is sold Nintendo donates a certain percentage of the sale to the Susan G. Komen organization to help raise funds for research.

A favorite special edition Nintendo DS Lite units amongst collectors is the Red Mario which you can purchase along with the New Super Mario Brothers Nintendo DS game. The unit is a flashy red color and has a large white 'Mario M' on the cover. When the original Nintendo Home Entertainment Systems was released in 1985 Super Mario Brothers was the video game that every kid wanted.

Some Nintendo DS Lite consoles will be easier to find than others such as the Pink Ribbon and Ice Blue unit that comes with Brain Age. You'll probably have to search high and low for other units such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Legend of Zelda. Some Zelda units are gold and others are silver. The silver consoles were sold in the United Kingdom and only 1000 of the gold units were produced for sale in the United States. I would definitely snatch up any Nintendo DS console you come across while visiting garage sales and thrift stores.

Brian enjoys writing articles that help people find cheap Nintendo DS consoles and discounted Nintendo DS consoles online.

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