Playstation 2003

Playstation 2003

History Of The Grand Theft Auto Game 1997-2003 by Patrick Omari

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of games are highly popular with many age groups and ethnic types. Gameplay consists of action, adventure, racing, shooting and driving. The games are extremely violent and graphic, and are only suitable for adults.

The GTA series has undergone several facelifts in its history with the first example released in 1997/98 barely recognisable today as the same game. Let's take a look at the previous GTA releases and how they have developed the series.

In part one of this look into the history of the GTA series of games I will be looking at the first four examples. Part two will be concentrating on the fifth and sixth games released, as well as taking a look at the portable versions that are already available or due to be released soon.

Grand Theft Auto

The first game in the series looked very different to today's plush 3D environments. This game worked from an overhead perspective using simple textures and models. Some may describe it as looking more like a 'cartoon'. Despite this the gameplay was excellent, mixed with an appealing and amusing soundtrack simulating real life radio in the city. The first game showed success amongst gamers. It was released on the original Playstation console as well as Windows and DOS based PC's in 1997/98.

Those gamers wishing to play on the move were not disapointed as the game was also released on the Game Boy Color with certain reductions made to the graphics. Extra life was also given the the original GTA when two expension packs were released set in 1960's London featuring cars such as the Mini Cooper and Ford Capri.

Grand Theft Auto 2

The second game in the series kept the original 2D overhead perspective in place for what was a graphically improved experience. The game was developed, as before, for the Playstation and Microsoft Windows-based PC's. GTA 2 was also available on the Dreamcast console. As with the first game a Game Boy Color version was also released, again with reduced graphics.

GTA 2 was set in a future city with masses of space across three huge areas. These were named Downtown, Residential and Industrial. New areas of gameplay were introduced allowing you to work as a cab driver as well as jumping from building to building. Also introduced were 'wanted levels' seeing FBI, SWAT and Army chasing you as well as the ability to use new weapons such as Tazers, Uzis, landmines. Molotov cocktails were also added increasing the excitement.

Increases in gang activity also see seven gangs operating in various areas. This required an ever-increasing need to watch your back or get on friendly terms with a group, the choice is yours!

Despite the improvements the excitement surrounding the second incarnation of the series was not as high as with the original GTA. This was partly due to gamers finding the 2D perspective old-hat with games such as Tomb Raider already entering the 3D era. What GTA fans were looking for was a 3D environment and Rockstar were expected to deliver.

Grand Theft Auto III

Released in October 2001, fans of the GTA series got what they had been longing for, a 3D environment! The new GTA game was based in Liberty City which was based on an approximation of New York City.

Players were now able to drive and walk around the city rendered in stunning 3D detail. The game still allowed the option to enable the old-style top-down view if a player so wished. However, with the stunning detail available in 3D there was very little reason to do this.

The entire structure of the gameplay was also changed doing away with the old method of facing bosses at the end of each level. What was introduced were many individual missions making the entire experience more realistic.

Navigating around the massive new city was also made simpler with the addition of a small map at the bottom of the screen that worked much like a modern GPS system or Sat Nav. The inclusion of more voice acting recordings also added a new dimension to missions, and gave the entire game a more cinematic feel.

Grand Theft Auto III was initially released for the Playstation 2 console, followed by Windows based PC's. An Xbox version was also released afterwards after some initial delays with some improvements made to the in-game graphics.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The success of GTA III was followed in 2002 with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Set during 1986 in Vice City (based upon Miami) you control Tommy Vercetti, and take part in killings and other dubious criminal activities.

This game showed off the fantastic abilities of the graphics engine used for the game and set you in a sun-drenched city with fabulous scenery. The map was smaller than GTA III and was much quicker to navigate around.

This game was the first that allowed players to take to the skies in aircraft and helicopters. This added a whole new dimension to the game and allowed the player to fly over the lavish scenery and see what the areas they had driven around and completed various missions in looked like from the air.

GTA: Vice City was released on the Playstation 2 in October 2002 with a port to the Xbox consoles as well as Windows-based PC's in 2003.

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