Playstation 2011 Brand

Playstation 2011 Brand

A Look at the First PS4 Games, Preview and Details by Samantha Dale

Last 26th of May 2011, Masaru Kato, Sony Chief financial officer, revealed in a conference call with Sony’s investors that the company is indeed developing play station 4 (PS4) game consoles. According to information published online by an anonymous Japanese developer, Sony’s factory and manufacturers have already received specifications of the new representative of the family of play stations †the PS4. The home PS4 concept will take the same path as what Nintendo has done with their Nintendo Wii. With regards to power, it is said that PS4 will be twice as powerful as its predecessor, the PS3. The core of the newer version of play stations will be a more improved processor CELL. And in addition, Sony has decided to renounce the use of XDR and opted for a rather standard memory in the form of GDDR3 and DDR3.

Indeed, the thought of being able to play the biggest and best franchises of games with the upcoming PS4 has made game fanatics all over the world all giddy. With that, here are some series that is intertwined with Sony’s PlayStation brand and are likely to see a newer version when the PS4 comes out in the market.

1. Metal Gear Series â€In spite of the defectionof the series to Microsoft’s Xbox360, Konami has always left the newest installment of Metal Gear Series (MGS) exclusive for the PlayStation brand. Metal Gear started way back in the late 80s through Nintendo and has disappeared for several years before making its comeback on the PlayStation 1 game console with the Metal Gear Solid. With its brilliant gameplay, good voice acting, music, and storytelling all combined into one, Metal Gear Solid has been one of the most famous games for PS1. Then came out Metal Gear Solid 2 built for the newer PS2 of that time; plus a follow-up of the series with the Metal Gear Solid 3, both of which are a success. When PS3 came out, fans were blessed with the Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriot and has been the most well received series to date. And with the teasers of a new Metal Gear Solid coming up, it is likely that PS4 will see the newest rendition of MGS.

2. Final Fantasy Series †this prolific series has started to slow down over time. The series had its monumental debut with its 7th installment in the PS1, selling around 10 million copies globally. Part 8 and part 9 also saw their release in PS1. In 2001, together with the release of part 10 in the newer PS2, the series has sold nearly 30 million copies in just a span of almost 5 years. However, during the release of part 10 and the failure of the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie that slapped Square hard in the face, the company slowed down its game production wanting to redeem and restructure itself, even joining forces with their rival the Enix. With part 13 awaiting release in the PS3, Square Enix has already been hinting of a Final Fantasy 14 release on the PS4, stimulating both the system and the role playing game genre.

3. Hot Shots Golf Series â€Though a lot of people has deemed golf as a bland and boring game since the Tiger Woods era, all has changed after the release of Hot Shots Golf on the PS1. Hot Shots Golf managed to combine fun characters, easy controls, and a realistic game physics to make it enjoyable for everyone. Although Hot Shots 2 went to a different developer, the success of the series still went on a roll as with the Hot Shots 3 which was released for PS2. Their 4th rendition paved way for online game play which proved to be a great treat. Hot Shots Golf 5 went to PS3 with an enhanced game graphics and physics. The part 6 is well on its way for the PS3 so a Hot Shots Golf 7 will most likely be making its entrance once the PS4 has been out in the open.

With these 3 series and a whole lot more making their future appearances in PS4, Sony’s next gaming console will surely be promising.

There is a lot of hype already surrounding the release of the sony ps4. While no one knows the release date at the moment, you can expect to be playing ps4 games.

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