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Playstation Fi

Playstation 3 - Does It Have A Strong Future? by Gary Levy

Let's face facts here, when Sony released the PS1 (PSX the first Playstation console) it revolutionized the gaming industry with it's amazing graphics and it's exclusive game titles such as Tomb Raider, GTA and Grand Turismo.

Though to be fair and honest with our selfs, they didn't have much competition did they?

Now many years on, Sony are now developing and pushing out titles for their next gen console the Playstation 3. The console is way more advance then the PS1 and PS2 put together. Though it now has touch competition to play against, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii have are growing bigger and stronger each year.

You could even say now that Microsoft and Sony are now on par with each other with Microsoft edging ahead when it comes to fan base size.

Even though we see Sony dropping behind it still isn't the end for them and I strongly feel that the PS3 will become the top gaming console within the next 2 years!

Reason for this is that it's way more powerful then the Xbox 360, needless to say it's also way more powerful then the Nintendo Wii also but we all know the Wii is based more on "Activity" gaming then "Hard Core Graphics" which is one the reasons it has won the hearts of many people.

So we can say the Xbox 360 and PS3 are to two battling it out for top gaming console in hard core graphics!

Now, the Xbox 360 was released almost a year and half before the Playstation 3. This kinder gave a massive edge to Microsoft, it's had more gaming developers learn it's tools straight away.

Now Sony, making life a lot harder for them self release late, develop software to design games harder and more complicated to use and kinder start off on the wrong foot.

Games looked better on the Xbox 360, they also ran better too and Sony could not keep up with it.

Though, few years on, developers are now pushing on and making games look a lot better on the PS3 then the Xbox 360.

This will also continue, exclusive games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 would not be able to run on the Xbox 360, some say it could but I believe it would due to the shear power of the PS3 being far greater then the Xbox 360.

It will only get better, the PS3 titles will start to look more crisper and leaner the Xbox 360 and frame rates will be much more better then before.

In 2 years time, games on the PS3 will be mostly exclusive games, Microsoft will have to bring out their next gen console pretty fast to compete but I do believe Microsoft are not foolish. They will let Sony have there slice of the pie and then shot them down with a more powerful gaming console then the Xbox 360.

My name is Gary Levy, owner of where you can get a Free Playstation 3 and Free iPhones and much, much more!

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