Playstation Gb Console

Playstation Gb Console

Christmas Gifts That Children Want by Prosperity66

I work in an elementary school and the winter weather in our beautiful rainy country does not allows children to play in the garden. So, I always have to look for activities to occupy the children.

Last week, on a rainy day, children were unable to play in the garden, I thus tried to entertain them by asking them what they wanted as a Saint Nicholas gift.

Belgian people - as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, France and some Eastern Europe Countries - celebrate and dedicate Saint Nicholas (SinterKlaas) to children. Saint Nicholas is the Great Patron of Schoolboys and penetrates into our houses on December 6th.

One week before December 6th, each night, Saint Nicholas brings sweets in the slippers of good children (traditional version) or one month before December 6th, he brings many more sweets in the slippers of our good children (this is the commercial version).

Shopping malls also organize Saint Nicholas areas that consist in displaying scenes made from toys; such as train sets simulating real situations or houses full of old fashioned dolls. Children have also the opportunity to meet Saint Nicholas and communicate their wish list to him.

A picture of Saint Nicholas holding our child on his laps generally closes this fairy journey.

On December 5th Eve, parents and children dress the dining room table with a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk for Saint Nicholas, a carrot for his ass.

On December 6th, early in the morning, the glass is empty, the carrot has been eaten, and there are only crumbs of biscuits. Do not worry, parents do not have to eat these sweets and vegetables.

The table is now lined with dozens of toys, sweets, marzipan, chocolate bars...

Saint Nicholas has a companion: P're Fouettard (Zwarte Piet or Black Pete) who punishes wicked children.

Belgian children generally receive clothes and books at Christmas.

It appears that children have an immoderate passion for video game consoles, such as Playstation (3 of course) or WII... while the heroes of American comic strips become the heroes of Belgian children.

Here are the toys kids want to receive as a Saint Nicholas or Christmas gift:

For boys and girls aged of 10 years old and more:

- Playstation
- Nintendo DS
- XBox 360

If they received the video game console already, they wish to receive video games, such as Dragonball, Street Fighter, Medal of Honor... The young generation seems to love violent games.

Boys aged between 4 years old and 10:

- Jeep or Helicopter
- Tractor
- Batman
- Spiderman
- comic strip heroes accessories

Girls aged between 4 years old and 10:

- Barbie
- Doll house
- Doll accessories
- Books

Some of these children love music and they asked to Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus (sometimes both) to bring them an electric guitar or drums.

A romantic young girl wishes to receive a diary such as the one of Bridget Jones.

As for my fifteen years old son, he asked for books. What kind of books? Manga Comic strips.

All children wish to receive: chocolate, marzipan, candy, etc.

Finally, traditions are important for our children: no Saint Nicholas and no Christmas time without sweets.

Prosperity66 is an European History, Holidays and Tarot cards passionate. For more Christmas Informations feel free to visit Christmas Time and receive a free Christmas Gifts Check List.

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