Playstation Handheld System

Playstation Handheld System

Download PSP Movies To Be Treated To An Amazing Visual Experience by Chuck Brown

A long time ago, when you wanted to watch a favorite movie, you had to either tune in to the right channel on your T.V. or go to the movie theater. Then came VHS and you could rent or buy the latest movie to watch on your own time. This, of course, was followed by DVDs.

Now, online movie rentals and downloading full-length movies is the hottest new trend in entertainment. And for a good reason: You can download movies instantly and watch them at your convenience--you don't even have to drive to Blockbuster. And better--now PSP users can now download PSP movies from web sites. This has the huge advantage of giving them the chance to take their movies with them when they travel without the extra weight and bulk of a portable DVD player.

And if you've ever seen a movie on a Sony PSP, you will be instantly hooked. Why? Because the picture clarity has to be seen to be appreciated--it's THAT good. And the picture size is not too small, either. Because of the high-resolution image, you can hold the PSP within 8 inches of your face and it won't look "pixellated."

You have two different options when downloading PSP movies: Websites that charge a fee (either a membership fee or a per-download fee) and the free download websites. As you can expect, sites that charge a fee to download PSP movies will usually offer a large selection to choose from. And the selections will be of high-quality with high-quality video and audio. You will be able to download your favorite movies, just like with Apple's iTunes system.

Websites that offer free downloads are run on what's known as the "peer-to-peer network." These are typically run by just one person. The service is usually free, but there are risks that come with the free downloads: The films are often of lower quality than you are used to. This negates one of the best reasons for watching a movie on the PSP--the picture clarity. Also, some of the free sites will not comply with the copyright laws which makes you part and party to this infraction. (Imagine this: A van pulls up in front of your home and men climb out and hide behind it. Out from the side of the van comes a bullhorn and you hear, "Throw your PSP out and come out with your hands up!" ha-ha.)

So it is probably best to choose a site that charges a fee for the download. This will be either a small per-download charge or a monthly membership fee. These pay-per-view sites are normally completely legal and above board, not to mention offer large, high-quality selections.
That being said, there are a few of the free sites that are legal and have quality movies, you just need to wade through some advertising first.

But no matter what, the Sony PSP makes a great piece of hardware to watch DVD quality movies on. You really do have to see one to appreciate the incredible picture clarity and audio. The Sony corporation really did their homework when they produced this great system. Now you can take movies with you and watch them wherever and whenever you want!

C. Brown is the author of where you can learn more about how to download psp movies and other cool things with the psp.

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