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Playstation Move

Playstation Move: Review and Other Things

An unexpected adventure; that is what you will receive upon using the new Playstation Move in your gameplay experience. I do not own a Wii...for several reasons but the one reason I have always considered buying one is due to their next-gen interactive gameplay that their console introduced into the world of gaming. I love my PS3 and when I heard the news of the Move coming through I was excited and also very hesitant. Excited because I knew that if done properly this would add that interactive side to the Playstation console that I wanted. Hesitant because I knew that this endeavor could be a complete failure and would simply be just a knock off of the Wii. I have played the Wii many times so its a gameplay experience that is fun with certain games and even wanted in certain games but could Sony create something that was just as good if not better? Considering that the Wii has been out for sometime, I think many of us started to wonder what was taking Sony and Microsoft (Kinect) so long to produce an interactive add on to both of their great systems.

Well have no fear, the Playstation Move is here and it's actually good, it's actually very good. I tried to hate it...I didn't want my love of the PS3 to influence my feelings for this gadget but in all honesty Sony produced a really good product. So what is so different about the Move, well....

"The Move redefines motion gaming with a more immersive and realistic gaming experience. The sleek, ergonomically designed controller captures a full range of movement giving you ultimate control over how you play the game." -Playstation

The Move is a combination of the PS3, the eye camera and a motion controller. All of these components work in harmony to create a precise tracking of your bodies movements and inputs them directly into the game. There are a few different options you have when buying the Move; I bought the Playstation Move Bundle for $99.99. The Bundle includes 1 Move controller, 1 Eye camera, the Sports Champions disk and a demo disk. For those of you who already had the eye camera then all you simply need is the Move controller which is $49.99. Those of you that still need to buy a PS3...shame on you by the can opt to buy the Playstation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle for $399.99 which includes everything that you will need. There is also an addition controller that is pretty cool called the Move navigation controller which allows you to navigate your character in the game.

"If you don't want to buy the navigation controller, you can also use the DualShock®3's left analog stick/D-pad. But not all games will be functional with either the navigation controller or DualShock 3 because navigating a character isn't a part of the gameplay experience. For most games, all you need is the PlayStation®Move motion controller and PlayStation®Eye camera, which is why we're focused on offering these peripherals in our bundles." -Playstation

So enough chit chat, lets get down to it. The most important part to this technology is the Move motion controller. It's a lot like a light bulb on a stick as the light is what tracks your movement anywhere from 2 to 10 feet away from the eye camera. Even in complete darkness the light is tracked and the color of the light is created by the game that you are playing. This controller is amazing. I was able to do soft small precision moves as well as a big swinging moves; both done with incredible accuracy and little effort on my part. The controller is easy to use, much like that of the Wii. The learning curve is quick and I was amazed at how accurate the movements made on the screen were so exact to my own. It is really you doing the action and that is what I love most about this gadget. The Move is not meant to be played with every game, it would just be stupid to do that and unrealistic but with the right games, this is one amazing piece of tech. Now like any new gadget from a gaming company the Achilles heel is always the launch games. This is something that no company can seem to get right when releasing a new add on to their system. The launch games for the Move are not bad but that could have been better. So far I have played Sports Champions (which I will talk about more in a min), Eye Pet and Kung-Fu Rider. I did enjoy all the games and I am looking forward to the next round of Move enabled games. One game that seems the most promising so far is SOCOM 4: U.S Navy Seals. I love shooters and with the added touch of the Move...that game should set the standard for the shooter genre on the Playstation Move.

Sports Champions

This is the feature game that Sony choose to include in the bundle and therefore I decided to showcase it a little by doing a quick review of it. To say the least it is a pretty good game, as you are given a chance to play several different sports. This one disk allows you to really see what the Move can offer and also lets you start to perfect the way in which you use the Move. Archery is probably my favorite game on this disk, it's a simple repetitive movement, of loading, aiming and shooting an arrow but the precision of it all is stunning.

Sports Champions could be compared to the Wii's Sport Resort but I found Sony's version better overall as the Move clearly out beats the Wii any day. The graphic are stellar, the movement is realistic and precise beyond words. Blades of Fury also present on this disk offers up a more forceful and tatical side to this new tech as you use a sword and shield to battle a opponent. The sword attacks are fluid and you can even use your shield to knock your opponent around, bringing that in your face immersive action that the Move can bring to your gameplay. For all intense purposes the Move is a winner, Sony produced a product that went beyond my expectations and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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