Playstation Video Game

Playstation Video Game

Be Careful With Your Video Game Secrets by Sean Tan

If you have a game console at home, there is no question that it will be one of your most prized possessions. Unless a doubt, you will be spending a lot of time with it, playing your favorite games. When you first brought your game console whether it be Xbox, PlayStation 1, PlayStation2 or GameCube you must have vowed to take great care of it, and be very cautious of what kind of games you would play on them, etc. And there is no doubt you must be having the same attitude now, even if your game console has aged a bit.

But, as is true with any electronic device, even with gaming consoles people like to tinker around a lot. There are many so called Video Game Secrets doing the rounds of the Internet, which claim to be able to make you do super things with your gaming console.

The most common of these enhancements is the ability to make your console compatible with a television screen, usually projection TVs. There are ways by which you can copy your Xbox and PlayStation games on CDs and DVDs and play them on the personal computer. There are many more such things that are claimed about gaming consoles, and the truth of the matter is that they are really possible. You can play your console games on projection TVs and personal computers if you want.

One common way of playing console games on projection TVs is using an equipment known as Fresnel lens. However, this is not quite as popular since it does not provide that beneficial quality and competency for the game. There are other methods too, some of which are explained in e-books. These books will surely tell you how you can make your console gaming an entirely new experience, but the question you must ask is, should you really go ahead with it?

Fresnel lenses provide a very low priced imitation of the game, though it is on a widescreen projection TV. If you are an avid console gamer, you will be used to sharp images and graphics, none of which you are going to get on your projection TV. Other methods might work though, but you have to take the risk and find out.

Then there are some funky tricks that are marketed as video game secrets. One such is to make your Xbox controllers glow like they are part of some psychedelic spaceship. You will certainly be making your Xbox more interesting if you do that, and it will be a matter of how did you do it dude with your friends, but it is rather well if you did not do it. Such tampering with your expensive Xbox could damage its sensitive controllers.

There's a price to pay for everything you get, and so is the case with video game secrets. You may want to try out new things with your consoles, but you must be aware of what might happen. It is better that you ask some professional help, and only do things that have been written on a trustworthy source, if indeed you have the inclination to do so.

Sean is an avid gamer and he has found out about many Video Game Secrets. He has made a review site about how these work on console games. You can read his reviews on the site located at the following address:

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