Racing Wheel Wii

Racing Wheel Wii

Athletics kit for Wii More Realistic and Exciting to You

Athletics kit for Wii
can improve inspiration when using this products to play tennis game/golf club/baseball bat/racing wheel/controller grip/billiards games/fishing games/shooting games,you may feel more realistic and exciting.

Athletics kit for Wii
can enhance the joy of playing the game,to ensure safety,please match hand strap when playing games,it can be disassembled and matched optionally,using conveniently.


Package Including:

One gun of fighter

One fishing pole

Two billiards pole

Two spare battery cover

Two crystal cover

Two controller grip

Two padlock strap

Two multi-function grip

Two baseball bat

Two golf glub

Two steering wheel

Two screen protector

Two tennis racket

Two whistle

Two silicon case

Two extend stick

Nine combat joystick set

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